Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today's Curlee Style: Mothers Day Style Plus Diva R got a New Accessory!

Today in honor of me i decided to do a Simple and Quick style on Diva R for church this morning.  Her hair was Shampooed, Conditioned and Moisturized last night. I did that last night so that i wouldn't have lots to do on top of our already jammed day today as far as hair was concerned.  I have had a set of Sidewinder's laying here that i have wanted to use in her hair for a few days now. I mixed up some colors together and decided that today would be the day to use them :)

So here is our Simple and Quick Ponytail with hanging individual braids that are of medium size thickness.  Nothing special about this doo, but i love pony tails on Diva R because her little baby hairs help to accentuate the style regardless of how i spice it up making it always adorable :)

Product wise, i used the Mixed Chicks Leave In as her morning conditioner and followed it up with the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz for her moisturizer and for the hold i used Bee Mine Curly Butter as i slicked her hair back and as i braided.

I made sure to use the small pony beads at the end of each braid so that the sidewinders stay on and the ends blend very well with the smaller PB's too.

Pink has been established as her FAV color so we went with the pink theme so that we could use the Princess Pink Sidewinder Hair Holders. Also incorporating the white, clear and black :)

The best thing about this style is that it took 10 minutes tops! and its super cute and girly just like Diva R likes with her BLING *_*

Click here for our past review and posts on the Sidewinders.

Also Diva R had received her new accessory in the mail the other day, this isn't just ANY accessory though.

This is her Medic Alert Bracelet (Sportsband Style). We decided it was time to get the Diva a Medic Alert bracelet because she is in school now and she plays sports so there are times where she isn't right with us and with her allergies and asthma being a huge factor of her life it can be threatening at any moment.  Its sad to say but teachers and other misc people don't have the knowledge to act quickly and know exactly what to do if she starts having an attack or allergy. This bracelet is a serious God send and i always thought these were expensive and not possible because insurance WILL NOT cover them, even though these are life saving no insurance will pay for it. So i was at the local library and seen a brochure for a free Medic Alert bracelet, so when i checked into it it was FREE i just had to pay membership for the Kids program and 34.95 including shipping later Diva R got her very own personalized MA bracelet with her choice of Band :) At this point cost wasn't an issue anyways because this was absolutely necessary. I showed her all of the bands and out of all of them she wanted the Soccer Ball one. Of course she got what she wanted *_*

This is incredible and its a must for all children especially with any type of conditions! We will be getting Z one also :)

Hope you enjoyed our Mother's Day Style :)
God Bless.
Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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