Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today's Curlee Style: Simple Yet Cute

This Curlee style is from a few days ago and the goal was something super girly, cute and simple with also taking most of those baby hairs out of her face.  Adding her Tiana bow because she was wearing one of her many Tiana outfit's. I LOVE french braids any way possible, they never get boring and can be accessorized limitlessly. So I've done a style like this in the past and decided to re-vamp it and make it better since now i can braid somewhat better*_*

I used the Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo followed by Mixed Chicks Leave-In and then applied the Mixed Chicks Hair Silk.  The below pics are of the completed product and i decided to opt out of using our normal moisturizer for today because Diva was going to be out in the sun so i figured to try out the Mixed Silk and its thermal protection along with its fly away solvent claims :)

I left her hair flowing in the back and put a french braid going across her front hair line at an angle just angled enough so that the long baby hairs are all taken care of, since they are at so many different lengths and curl patterns right now i try and tame them daily. 
I tried to capture her glowing hair just shimmering in the sun but my camera is deficient! But in person her hair was seriously glimmering!!! I can believe that maybe the MC Hair Silk is responsible?...

Here is another glimpse of her definition and lovely natural curlees :) I often choose to style her hair minimally and let her hair do its thing! This style took 10 minutes tops and lasts a whole day and i re-did it the following day and added a new accessory :)

I have more proof coming up that Diva R's hair is growing magically and i can not say its because of anything aside from Bee Mine Products!!!!

(Sorry for the not so great quality of pics bare with me my camera is on its last leg...)

Short and simple this time around and it can be done on any hair type!!!! :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Precious H said...

Gorgeous! Love the hair bow!


LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Thank you Precious :)