Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Soft Sheen-Carson Lets Jam Shining & Conditioning Extra Hold Gel

Let's Jam Shining & Conditioning Gel Extra Hold

Softsheen Carson Lets Jam Shining and Conditioning Gel Extra Hold

Product Description
  • Use it every day to condition and protect your hair while holding styles.
  • A shining and conditioning gel gives your style extra hold while hair remains supple with moisture.
  • Absolutely no flaking, no build up and no drying alcohol!
  • Let's Jam shining, conditioning and holding gel.
  • Excellent for holding sides, waves and fades!

Water Aqua , Mineral Oil Paraffinum Liquidum , Glycerin , Oleth-20 , Oleth-10 Phosphate , Oleth-10 , Oleth-5 , Polysorbate 80 , Propylene Glycol , Octylacrylamide , Acrylates , Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer , Cetyl Acetate , Fragrance Parfum , Sodium Hydroxide , Sorbic Acid , Methylparaben , DMDM Hydantoin , Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein , Propylparaben , Blue 1 CI 42090 , Yellow 5 CI 19140

Our Review

The Color: Transparent brown
The Scent: Hard to describe, but i wasn't a fan of it it had grease smell to it

The Texture: Sticky and really gelatinous
The Cost: Not more than 5.00

I have to begin by saying this is the 2nd Lets Jam product we bought, This was one of the first few products that we began using back in my no knowledge bearing days :) This i decided to buy because i was needing something with more hold to braid and slick Diva R's stubborn at times hair. We were using the regular hold Lets Jam gel before this one. I have to admit that this was our product of choice back when, it had a great hold and didn't really leave any residue behind at all, the only time i noticed slight build up with tiny fuzzies around it was under her pony tails around the rubber bands. But it was hidden from eyesight. That wasn't a huge deal to me.  I used this on all types of styles, and it acted the same in each of them. It was good for fly aways, slicking her stubborn baby hairs and even slicking for pony tails.

I would say that this product stays true to its claim to an extent, it is definitely a shine amplifier as well as hold efficient.  Though it would get sticky on your hands there after so of course you had to wash up real good.  The scent wasn't appealing to me either, to each her own on smells but i am particular to scents and this one sure didn't smell like candy as i have read in a previous review nor anything good for that matter.  There were no films or colored gunk anywhere present on her hair and as far as conditioning is concerned i believe that this product doesn't really function as a good conditioner for it is loaded in harmful ingredients and the scent i can sort of relate to that formaldehyde smell from biology class! YUK

I did try this on wet and dry hair many times and i feel it worked best on semi damp but not wet hair and it functioned the best while cornrowing or slicking her baby hairs.

But if the product was organic, i would definitely go back to it. But this is one that i cant say i recommend at all. In fact when Bee Mine came along i threw that out.

I did like it back when though.

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


Diva Locks said...

I use Eco Styler Olive Oil gel, works great and you don't need a lot

DsMommy said...

I used this back in the day too lol! It did add lots of shine from the mineral nutritional value for the hair at all though and I didn't think it had just amazing hold or anything..the curly butter definatly provides us with a better hold.