Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today's Curlee Style: Simple Play Hair and Following Braid Out...

Today's Curlee Style is from a few days ago... The inspiration for this one was simplicity and playtime! So since we had decided on a play date at the last minute at our local Fav play place i HAD to do something to her "all-over-the-place" hair.  It was dry and in its puffy natural state so with not much thinking at all i just grabbed the spray bottle of distilled water, Bee Mine Juicy Spritz and Curly Butter along with our rat tail comb.  I first dampened her hair with the distilled water and finger detangled, then i spritzed the JS and sectioned her hair into 4 angled cornrows beginning with splitting her hair down the middle and then splitting each section in twos.  I applied the Curly Butter and began cornrowing.  Here is the result :)

The object here was to have a non-busy, quick and cute styles that she could ruff house in and not destroy, rip or damage her hair in the process of playing.  Kids like to touch her hair as it is so places like these that we go to to play with other kids i sure keep her hair as simple as possible.  She readily tells people not to touch her hair but these kids who normally don't listen to anyone not even their own parents just ignore her... SMH and so then i have to step in and reinforce :)
I loved how this cute style turned out :) It took 30 minutes from start to finish and this is the 4th or 5th time i have done this and each time it seems to get better YAY for practice.  After the style was complete i lightly applied some JS and added some of her new cute butterfly ballies to match her springy outfit and we were ready to PLAY!

This style i left in for two days and then had to unleash another braid out :) I feel like this... WHY let a perfectly gorgeous braid out be ruined by immediately washing her hair after a braid style?  NEVER that. SO here is her braid out from these cornrows.

 I used the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz as my refresher and look how gorgeous her hair has become since we began blogging in January!!! That is INCHES of growth!

I am surprised and very pleased with how this BO turned out because i did the cornrows to the back and usually this creates parted gaps that i cant finger separate well with out it bumping out...

Also our BIG girl has started playing Soccer!! She was so proud of her practice outfit that she insisted she show it off :)

(Here is an example of a failed twist out on Diva R's dry natural curlees... Where i have the arrows  pointed is where the "bad-parting/direction" which created those sections/parts that wont lay flat or mesh in with the other ones in the twist out, so i tried to spray water into her hair and tousle it with my fingers but they were just stubborn and i ended up putting the twist out in a pony tail and it was cute at that point the blemishes were hidden. (no pics :( )


Happy Hair Styling :)

Diva R's  Mommy-Kim


Shay said...

very cute, this is a go to style for us too but i usually don't braid all the way to the ends, i join each side into a puffy pony tail or bun

amandak23k said...

Love those simple braids!! My braid outs always look like your falied one does!!

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Thank you Shay :)

Thanks Amanda, just keep toying with braid outs :) I had MANY failures before i started having good ones LOL