Sunday, May 1, 2011

Here are 3 more additions to MY Creations :)

SO ever since i made that Tiana Bow, i have got this craftiness going on and though I'm not the most creative person alive i am very proud of what i have made! and ultimately Diva R loves them and that's all that matters :)

I have been looking for a great bow holder for a while now and i really want Diva R to have a tutu bow holder but i am so not willing to pay 35 plus dollars for one! That's robbery in my eyes. So until i find the itch to make one myself i decided to make a temporary bow holder.

This doesn't even hold all of her bows either but it sure did free up much needed space :) and it was easy to make.

I used three cut pieces of three bright colored bandanna's, a wooden hollow circle that was about 7 inches all around, liquid stitch, scissors and our left over Tiana ribbon. I plan on nailing this on to her wall until i make my next creation to better display these :) All in all the total crafting time took an hour and i let it dry for a few hours before i hung the bows on it.

I also made two new bows...

 The bow on the left looks so much better in person than on camera, it has her full name across the center of it :) This one is super special to Diva because it has her name on it. It took about an hour to make! Insane i know but I'm still new into it.  The bow on the right is my FAV of the two it took about two hours to make and required some handiness. I used some more of the cut up bandanna pieces from the bow holder to complete this bow :) Its a fun summery bright bow and i cant wait for Diva R to wear this one :) The other pieces included in the bow on the left are from a pair of my old jeans that i cut up and a misc button. LOVE my new hobby. These ones here cost me nothing because all of the items i used to make these were gifted to me.

Anyone have any crafting abilities??? I need to learn how to crochet... Any tips or resources that would help a beginner out?

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


Precious H said...

I love it!! I just started some tutorials on how to knit hair flowers and hair bows. Most of them I looked up and found the patterns online. I love arts & crafts.

Shay said...

my motto is "why pay for it when you can make it yourself?" and you did a great job! what kind of tutu bow holder are you looking for?

i've watched a lot of youtube videos to help me crochet. there's a learn to crochet kit they sale at most craft stores that's pretty good too

DsMommy said...

I learned to crochet from you tubes videos and I make D hair bows also