Sunday, May 15, 2011

Natural Curls and Length Check

Here is a glimpse of Diva R's natural curlees from a recent stand point.

This was right after her nightly bath and finger detangling with the addition of the Mixed Chicks Hair Silk :)

(please excuse our dinosaur of a camera)

So here is a side shot of a little better of a quality. I am amazed at how her hair has grown in such lengths as it has in months time as well as the continuous luster and bounce her curls have consistently, even without products her hair has been permanently revived!!!!

Here is an updated length check from the last one that we did back a few months ago... Her hair continues to grow and its at least by an inch or more each time we check! Thank you Bee Mine Products! I extended my fullest faith and were greeted with such a warm welcome and JOLT of luscious growth in our Miss Diva R's natural curlee hair! I didn't believe the hype of great products but I'm glad we found Bee Mine because they have become our miraculous products :)

This was Diva R's hair with being freshly washed conditioned and moisturized i see a for sure inch growth this time around!! YAY

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

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