Saturday, May 7, 2011

UPDATE on the My True Nature Baby Shampoo/Body Wash & Bubble Bath Review

Back a bit ago we had won the My True Nature dual set of Baby Shamp/Body Wash and Bubble Bath from Curly Hairdo Ideas My True Nature Giveaway :).

So we also reviewed them :)
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The update is to just announce that the Shampoo/Body Wash has officially been used up!! We began this review in March 2011 and as of May 3rd 2011 it is all gone :) Between the regular use with two kids being both an alternative body wash and a regular shampoo no wonder it is gone :) and we will miss it... Our review didn't change over time it stayed the same and the fresh incredibly heavenly scent will stay fresh in my nose. 

The 2nd update is to say that as of May 4th 2011 the Bubble Bath was devoured as well :) This BB will be missed as well, the scrumptious scent of it was captivating as well and it was a decent bubble bath through and through.

The fact that these are natural products with certified organic ingredients made it a pleasurable experience with them and for future tense i would definitely buy the shampoo for my son Z and the lotion when it comes out :)

These were both 4oz bottles so i imagine if i were to get the 8 oz size the lasting time would be more than doubled because i lean more towards using different products between my son and daughter some times because of their different skin and hair textures and these ones could be used for both safely.

The last time of the 4oz bottles has been nearly 2 months YAY!

God Bless.

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

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Dreamer13 said...

Great update! and thanks for the linky love! :)