Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today's Curlee Style: Braid Out from Bday Yarn Rows...

So of course i had to do a braid out after those awesome Bday Yarn Row extensions and it turned out so lovely that i had to share! Now before i get to that, the extensions were put in on April 22nd and were taken out April 26th.  I could have left these in for much longer due to them looking wonderful and minimal frizzies.  I was just dieing to see the expected gorgeous braid out and i don't like to leave yarn in for long periods of time because i like to wash her hair twice-three times a week and it happens to be a peeve of mine.

As you can see her perfect crimp throughout her hair is evenly distributed!!! I have learned over countless braid outs that the BEST way to achieve a major crimpage to your braid outs is to braid cornrows off to the sides of the head, NO STRAIGHT BACKS. Doing straight backs will leave weird gaps between your crimps and make it look more messy than crimpy.  Imagine a full rainbow, that is how the cornrows should be braided on the head either from left to right or right to left as you were braiding tracks in the hair for extensions so to speak is another way of describing the pattern. 

The middle pic in the collage is the aftermath of taking the yarn out :) I didn't have to use much yarn and it took all of 30 min to take i down and moisturize it.  My way of taking yarn braids down efficiently is spritzing the Juicy Spritz on her hair before i take them down and then using it again right after i take them out and shes good to go, as i go i finger detangle her rows:)

Through out this no-wash period i used solely the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz as her daily and nightly refresher and this product is the BEST ever and functions incredibly as a next day refresher and can be applied on top of previous applications over and over and it never builds up her hair and scalp drink this quenching potion! This is the perfect spritz to use over yarn also It has never saturated the yarn leaving her hair to saturate the juicy :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


Kandy said...

Gorgeous braidout!

Precious H said...

Love the braid-out! Great tip on how to braid for a nice-looking braid-out as well!

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