Monday, May 23, 2011

Announcing Our 3rd Annual Hair Show, Introducing Dominique-Alexis!!

Hey everyone here is our 3rd Annual Hair Show and on the show this week is Dominique-Alexis! She is the creator of

Thank you for allowing me to be on your blog. I’ve always enjoyed seeing other people’s guest posts so it’s really cool to do one myself. 
Bio: My name’s Dominique-Alexis and my younger sister’s nickname is Bunny. She turned nine years old in March and is on the Shining Stars Gymnastics Competitive Team. She loves gymnastics, writing songs and singing. We live in the south and come from a very outdoors-y family. I’ve always known how to braid hair but only learn how to cornrow a couple years back. Bunny and I spend most of our time in school, the music school, volunteering at the zoo, in the gym or outside, which is why neither of us ever wear afros or twist outs. Flat twists, cornrows, and twists are the usual styles due to tumbling in the gym and outdoor humidity. 

Our Hair Types: 3C & 4A for both of us. We have the same curl pattern but she seems to have more hair per square inch so you’d never know it :) 

Race: African-American/Black 
How and when I got started styling Hair: About three years ago. Simply because someone needed to do it (Bunny and I have four other biological sisters with natural hair so it was a handful on our mom to have so many heads to braid) and I really enjoy doing hair. (I’m hoping to get my braiding license soon!) 

Hair care routine: I usually put on a movie like Up, Despicable Me, Megamind or something like that for her. Sometimes we’ll listen to music or she’ll play the piano. ANYTHING to distract her. I wash her hair once a week in the afternoon (adding conditioner before and after the shampoo goes in so I don’t strip her hair) then leave it to stretch so it’s mostly dry before bed. The next day I’ll comb her hair through, moisturize it and style it. Sometimes I’ll throw a co wash/no poo or two into the routine, depending on how dirty she gets her hair. As far as styles go, I have no idea how it’ll turn out until it’s finished. 
I recently stopped using Herbal Essence shampoos because of how much it strips her hair and have started using Honey & Almond Moisture Whip Shampoo by Naked. Her hair loves it! Whatever conditioner is on sale or is in the bathroom is what I’ll use to detangle and I’ll leave a little bit in her hair to soften. Something else I do is moisturizer her hair nightly before I wrap it so it’ll still look pretty in the morning. 

Likes/dislikes regarding hair/products/accessories or advice: My advice to anyone and everyone would be not to get caught up in putting a bunch of beads or bobbles in your little ones hair that can lead to hair damage and breakage. Instead, take the time to make the parts neat or by getting creative with cornrows instead. Neat hair is pretty; it doesn’t have to be covered with bows and stuff. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. 
Favorite family activities/hobbies/interests: Family time, being outside, camping, horseback riding, working on my site, watching the fire with the family, playing with the dogs. I’m pretty live in the moment I guess. 

How do you get your little one to tolerate hair time? I get people (sisters/friends) to stay still by being really gentle, this makes it a positive experience. I’ll put the TV on or let her use the computer or give her a snack or a toy. I ALWAYS try to be VERY GENTLE and now she’s learned to love hair time. A quick tip is not to stop your daughter or son from having fun with their friends or their game cube thing or whatever it’s called :) to do their hair, because then they’ll hate hair time. 
Thank you Dominique for participating on our Hair Show, it was an honor being able to display your art work and learn about the artist behind the scene. I must highlight the positivity displayed from Miss Dominique-Alexis, through my getting to know her i have gained such an inspiration from just conversing with her that i have to share!!

I couldn't believe she is 15 when i read that in a previous blog interview because her demeanor, devotion and dedication on the side of her family closeness just blew me away. Most 15 year olds are just the opposite of Miss D and are off doing their own thing. I believe that Dominique-Alexis is a wonderful inspiration for all tweens-teens out there, family is first, school and getting good grades being secondary are not options but Duties to her. As a young person it is crucial and important to put family and school over any and all things, and even as you age family is always  top priority unconditionally.

Usually one doesn't learn how to or how hard it is to manage a household until you've become an adult yourself, but Dominique has the drive and initiative beyond words and there seems to be no such thing as hard to her, its just so touching to see her levels of care and positivity towards her helping her Mother with her sisters and in general. YAY Dominique for lack of better words! Kudo's

Check out her lovely Natural Hair Care site it is PACKED with EVERYTHING one would want to learn, see or be inspired by. There are tutorials of ALL KINDS, picture demonstrations, many gorgeous styles, information and much more!!

Who wants to be on our next Hair Show?

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Shay said...

i admire this young lady too. her finger skills are fantastic!

she said it best, neat hair IS pretty. i get so annoyed when i see kids with like a bazillion beads and bows in their hair. it doesn't have to be overboard to be beautiful.

i love seeing a teen devoted to the right things and now out doin crazy stuff in the world

Keianna Johnson (KeeKeeAllNatural) said...

CONGRATS! Your hairstyles are amazing!

Tavia said...

I love this hair show! I love the styles And Dominque-Alexis' positive, helpful attitude! What a great kid! I hope and pray that when my children become teenagers (and adults for that matter) they have as much class as Miss Dominique-Alexis. Great job!

Michelle said...

I really enjoyed that interview. Dominique-Alex can teach a lot of grown ups something about patience. Love that she is so devoted to her family as well. Thank you both for that story.

Precious said...

Great interview! Dominique you are quite talented with those braids!