Friday, September 2, 2011

**Shop-Light ALERT** & Review Cherished Custom Creations By Rebecca Lopez

Welcome welcome to our SHOP-LIGHT spotlight which showcases AMAZING shops/stores/websites and entities of that nature that i have come across and have been simply stunned by.  This time around i am shining the light on Cherished Custom Creations By Rebecca Lopez.

I came across CCC By Rebecca Lopez on Face Book as i was searching for a boutique that made certain styled bows.  I have seen alot of her work in giveaways, auctions and through other boutiques on FB. I HAD to "like" her page and see what she had to offer. I already had a certain idea in mind for what i was looking for and was shocked to see the amazing variety that she has created!

I have had TONS of boutiques "liked" through my FB and none has compared to the quality and variations of Bows that i seen at CCC. This was exactly what i was looking for and there wasn't a thing she couldn't do! I just sent her an email asking if she could do specifically the Spider man themed bows in the design idea similar to a bow i seen on hr page with a few additions. Without hesitation she emailed me back confirming ALL of my ideas and in just a few days they were complete and ready to ship!

Here is the final product!!!

Another great element to these bows is that i was able to get them  on the alligator style clips with teeth! These are so hard to find and most boutiques don't stock these and cannot get them either... These are the only kind that will stay put in her hair YAY! I would say that this is a perfect match! The Spider man theme was chosen for Diva R's Little Bro's 2nd Birthday Bash. We were super hero's :)

So here is the Diva sporting the lovely bows for their professional pictures :)

Here is a preview of the Diva in action at Little Bro Z's Bday bash with LBZ!!!

I was so thrilled and utterly speechless at the level of customer service, craftiness and overall beauty with fine details of the bows that i vowed to be a forever customer as well as to recommend that EVERYONE visit Cherished Custom Creations By Rebecca Lopez! She can do EVERYTHING imaginable, if you have an idea she can whip it up :)

Rebecca has a HUGE array of different types of bows, clips, accessory hangers, wall accents, decorative boxes, photo frames, and tons of different custom hand paint-able items! Feel free to check her FB page/shop out and show some LOVE in our honor!

FYI- Keep an eye out because we have something special coming up and you don't want to miss out!!!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


DiaryofaHairPrincess said...

hahaha this was so cute, I loved her little spiderman outfit. <3 those bows are gorgeous

Dominique-Alexis said...

LOVE bows. Super cute and the braids are very pretty :)

Michelle G said...

I love Diva R's spiderman outfit and those bows are so nice. I am going to figure that 4 strand braid out...One day.

jianette said...

I would like to thank/blame you for my new addiction to these bows. My husband would like to curse u lol. he keeps seeing transactions to ccc in our account. oopsie...

LYGBC said...

Thank you Jamie and Dominique-Alexis! The Spider Man Poof Dress came custome made from Dawn's Bowtique through Facebook :) She also created us the Princess Tiana Dress. <3 Her work! Of course Rebecca from Cherished Custom Creations created the Spiderman Bows! and now we are officially addicted to bows :)

@Michelle- Its so easy once you do it a few times! It looks more challenging than it really is.

@Jianette- <3 LOL I will gladly accept responsibility :)CCC was to awesome to not share (MUAH hahahaha) in my bow crazy voice ;p