Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Strand Twist Out

To attempt another twist out or not? Was the question i asked myself, i asked myself this question because the twist outs of the past were epic fails. Ive tried two strand twist outs previously so i figured if i gave it a whirl again i would opt out of the two strand twists which i know do not work on Diva R's hair.  I gave in and decided that i would try a three strand twist out.

I simply spritzed her hair (which was washed and conditioned the day before) with our trusty distilled water generously, applied our Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter to each section as i went and began grabbing random medium sized sections (not worrying about perfect parting) one at a time. As i grabbed each section i split it in three even parts and twisted the three strands around each other left most over right most until i reached the ends. (If your not careful you will begin braiding, as the hand/finger technique resembles braiding very closely.) I did this until her whole head was done. I didn't take pictures of the actual twists but as you can imagine they looked like a twisted lolly pop...

I secured each twist with rubber bands because twists as well as braids and any other types of style do not stay unless they are secured in Diva R's hair.

Here are the results from this three strand twist out which stayed in over night and were taken down the following morning. 

As you can see some parts look better and more defined than others and ultimately her natural curls fought through the twist out so you can see lots of her natural curls peeking throughout as well.  I am over all pleased with the three strand twist out results, as this is the better resulting style that we have ever achieved doing twist outs.  Three strand twists stay better in Diva Rs hair but even after i freshly do them they want to unravel even with rubber bands securing them.

I attribute her curls stubbornness to the fact that they are FIGHTERS and nothing will mess with their shape LOL They scream "Over MY CURLY BODY" to some of the styles and ideas I've tried... So with this being known i will continue to experiment with the different types of twists and see if we can find something to work consistently for us because i LOVE the 3 dimensional look of twists. 
I also learned throughout this trial that throughout her whole head her curls turn and curve in many different ways and have different shapes so this may be why some parts look "normal" even though they were twisted just the same as the others.

This twist out style took about 20 minutes to do and it lasted a whole day. Not bad for a curly head which styles only last a matter of hours in generally on upwards of a few days max. I must say all of the twist styles Ive done on coarser and thicker hair types have turned our marvelous and lasted weeks on end! If you have coarse hair chances are you will have amazing twist outs!!!

Anyone have tips for fine/thin haired children when it comes to doing all types of twists?

God Bless.
Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Michelle G said...

Diva R's hair looks wonderful. I have yet to do a three strand twist out on Des' hair. I may have to attempt that soon.

Precious @ said...

Ooh beautiful twist-out! :)

LYGBC said...

Thank you Ladies!
@Michelle- I bet a three strand twist out would look great in Des's hair!