Sunday, September 4, 2011

Freestyle Cornrow's, Pony Tails, Braids, Accessories and PINK!

Ever have one of those days where any creativity you may normally be able to muster up is just NOT THERE nor was it going to appear within the time frame you needed it to? I know i sure have those days from time to time! This happened to be one of those days. So we had a Wedding & Reception to go to and of course Diva R took this opportunity and declared that she was wearing a dress and that in fact she wants to wear a PINK one.  So the only idea that came to mind was white and pink accessories with a dab of clear and a heart which would symbolize LOVE. So with these ideas being my base i just freshly washed and conditioned Diva R's hair with our usual fav's being our Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo and our Cocoa Curlz Cutie Pie Conditioner.

I find this is the most efficient and easiest way to prepare her hair for styling as it is at its most manageable state.  I then applied our Bee Mine Juicy Spritz and finger combed it in, her hair is nearly tangle free anyways after the bath but this method still being incorporated helps to ensure there are no smaller tangles and it smooths her hair out nicely too. 

 I grabbed my trusty rat tail comb & Original Moxie Just Gel Concentrate and started tracing the heart at the top of her head. I pony tailed it off and four strand braided the remaining hair from the heart.  As i was parting i applied the Moxie Gel to each section from base to ends.  I moved on and just started randomly parting, sectioning off, pony-tailing and cornrowing random sections. 

I added regular braids and 4 strand braids to each loose hanging section and ended them in our lovely Sidewinders and some clips to match for some added dimension and for a textured look throughout.

I used the 2 inch Sidewinders in clear and white and secured them on with an ortho band and a small pony bead at each end.

Notice how neat the sections turned out and how well kept all of her normally present baby hairs and new growth are? Thanks to Moxie! Just Gel is nice on her hair esp when cornrowing and braiding, its hold is tightened as it is applied its like i feel it have a texture change which broke my skepticism regarding the runny consistency. It ended up being a very nice hold gel so i use it for the styles i plan to keep in for a length of time.

That is what i came up with by not having any idea and my creativity just not being there all at the same time! This style took me 2 hours and i contribute this to my OCD with creating neat parts!

I topped it off with a light coat of the Juicy and off we went :) Needless to say everyone LOVED her hair! If i would even have just etched solely a heart and left the rest hanging everyone would have probably loved it the same, it seems that when ever i part a shape in her hair its automatic that crowds accrue no matter where we are!!

This is a style i would deem a combination style, it is very busy, cute and versatile!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


KeeKeeAllNatural said...

Your babies hair is really pretty. I really love the heart you created.

Diva Locks said...

Her hair is really growing :)

Precious @ said...

Very cute! Love the accessories!

DiaryofaHairPrincess said...

this is nice, i agree with tiff her hair is really growing. :-)

Michelle G said...

This is really cute. Diva R's hair is growing and looks so healthy.

Dominique-Alexis said...

Super cute! I'm really looking forward to Valentines day so I can do a heart cornrow design hairstyle for my younger sister!

LYGBC said...

Thank you KeeKee Tiffany and Preious! I appreciate your props ladies and you all are very talented <3

Thank you Jamie and Thank you Michelle. Diva R's hair is growing and im so happy about this because it seemed like her hair was at a stand still from age 2-age 3 but now its sprouting its grew a hand full of inches since Dec!

@Dominique-Alexis-Cant wait to see the style you do :)I know it will be amazing!