Wednesday, September 28, 2011

*Hair Style and Outfit from Little Bro Z's 2nd Birthday Party* Pig Tails with Double Knotted Braids

Little Bro Z had turned 2 and since we were all festively participating i had even less time for hair then planned. So i opted for a simple and quick style with a textured look and of course her spidey bows. 

I freshly washed her hair and conditioned it right before styling.
I began with our distilled water spritz and lightly covered her hair to the point where it was damp but not wet. Then i applied our Darcys Botanicals Shea Butter Curl Moisturizing Cream from nearly down to her roots throughout her ends. I then separated her hair in two sections straight down the middle and put each side into a pony tail so i had some piggy tails to work with.  

I then got this idea to knot her "tails" so i grabbed our Original Moxie Just Gel and slicked her tails with it and i began on the left side by splitting the tail in two sections and "tieing" a knot such as you would tie the first knot in a shoe. I followed this initial knot by tieing a second knot exactly like i did the first. Then i rubber banded the two ends together and finger curled the end.

I moved over to the right side and repeated all of the above steps.

Here are the results.

 I topped it off with our Bee Mine Juicy Spritz, added her festive pig tail spidey bows and 20 minutes later we were done and ready to party!

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

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