Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tangle Teezer Magic Flower Pot Review

Back a while ago we had won a giveaway over at Mommy Rantings. We had won the Tangle Teezer Magic Flower Pot from Tangle Teezer. This  we both were beyond stoked about because from the beginning of our hair time we have sought after the Magic Flower Pot and have entered tons of giveaways in efforts to snag this amazing little flower pot that we are unable to buy locally. To no surprise it took forever it seems but it was our time to be blessed with one! (Thank you to Bethany over at Mommy Rantings for hosting this amazing giveaway!!!!)  We already have the traditional black Tangle Teezer and love it so we figured this one would be loved just a little more since it is "special" for the Diva and uniquely hers <3

So when i got the package in the mail i rushed over to Diva R and asked her if she knew what was in the box.... I had previously told her about the Flower Pot that we had won but alot of time passed in between so she had slightly forgot about it.  The element of surprise was lurking the whole time because we were unsure as to what color Diva R was going to get and she was really hoping for the PINK one so when i opened the package the Divas face was filled with pure bliss! The Magic Flower Pot was PINK!!!! At this point Diva R had forgot about the super long wait and couldn't wait to use her Flower Pot :)

So i opened it and checked it out...

Our Review

Color: Pink and yellow
          Size: Approx. dimensions 112mm(D) x 112mm(W) x 85mm(H)
Construction:Plastic Shell/Flower Top
Cost: Around $14.00 Each

Above is the top of the flower and it is the part of the Tangle Teezer Flower Pot that you hold in the palm of your hand. Below is the actual "bristle" having element of the "brush". See the varying layers of "bristles", this is the factor in how the Tangle Teezer "de-tangles" the hair as it passes through the "brush".

Below is what the compartment looks like after you remove the "brush" from the top of the pot.  The "brush" actually sits perfectly on top of the base.

The first idea's i got about what to put in the compartment part of the flower pot for storage, were maybe rubber bands or her bigger hair bands:) Then before i could get to that thought the kids had other ideas in mind LOL They played with it as if it were a "Cup Cake", that is what it looks like to the kids.

As with everything we get/try i always experiment on my hair before i move on to the kids. Below is what it looked like gliding through my hair. I could tell automatically that compared to the original version of the TT, this one was smaller in diameter and perfect for little hands as well as little heads but still as effective as the original <3

My hair is silky in texture anyways so to no surprise it slid through my hair like a warm knife through butter. LOVED IT! Of course i will stick to using the bigger one for me because it covers more area and is made to fit an adult hand shape with ease.

So as i was able to finally break the "cup cake" free from the busy grasps of the kids i went to town on the Diva's curls. Below is a sequenced set of pictures of the flower brush gliding through Diva R's dry hair.

 Notice the staggered-ness of the bristles as i brush through Diva R's hair? I can visually see the bristles working through her hair fight free, tangle free, and the need for my corrective finger combing after wards wasn't necessary. Her hair takes very well to the Tangle Teezer and despite all of the mixed reviews i have read i don't believe that this Tangle Teezer is damaging by any means. I actually think that this is the best and safest brush alternative created! Nothing is softer than the bristles on this "brush" and to put another myth to rest, the bristles between the Flower Pot and the Original Tangle Teezer are no different. The softness is exactly the same, the bristles are arranged in the same jagged type of pattern and overall they are the same "brushes" just different in diameter.

The diameter of this detangling children's brush is just right for little hands! This is a great tool when your little ones begins to want to hep take care of their hair. For my Diva R in particular she LOVES being able to hold this flower top in her hand and brush her own hair! It is just right in every way and not to mention it doesn't get hung up in her sometimes stubborn hair. It glides right through with maximum ease and when it does come across knots it teases them into shape! Diva R has never had nor been forced to yank through knots with this TT Flower Pot Brush. 

There hasn't been a knot that this Tangle Teezer cant conquer and it works great in every fashion. I DO NOT use any other type of brush and after meeting this wonderful Flower Pot's acquaintance there is no need to look any further!

Here is a glimpse of a new style I did with using the Tangle Teezer Flower Pot as our "tamer" tool and brush.

Here is an important note to keep in mind when looking to purchase one of the Tangle Teezer brushes. If your purchasing it for a young girl she more than likely would LOVE the Flower Pot over the original one. If you are looking to purchase it for use on a little boy, one of the original ones would probably be best since boys don't take to flowers very well :). Either way you decide to go the brushes will provide the same results and the only differences amongst them all are the shapes....  There aren't many stores that sell these either so through my searching Amazon and some online beauty supply stores sell them for a better price than the original UK retailer and me personally i prefer to shop in the United States for things because international shipping is usually very high and shipping times are very long.

We are so happy to have been able to review this awesome detangling brush that we have been asked about by many of our readers as to what our opinions are on it.  The only thing i would have changed about this whole experience would have been the amount of time it took to get here. Other than that we are completely thrilled and this Flower Pot will be a staple addition to Diva R's hair regime. We all love and use the Tangle Teezers religiously in our household. No other brush is in existence here!!

**THIS REVIEW WAS CONDUCTED FOR OVER A MONTH CONSISTENTLY** The review above are my gathered thoughts and elements over the whole length of our using this... Not to mention we have been using the original Tangle Teezer for several months now...

What are YOUR thoughts on the Tangle Teezer Family of Brushes?

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Dominique-Alexis said...

I wanted one of these for Bunny for a while then I heard that it was causing a lot of breakage and fairy knots so I didn't get one but now I want one again so we'll see. This review is great. Could you do a follow up review a week or so later to see if still works?

Keyative Styles said...

I heard about the breakage too but I want to try one for myself. Great review!

Michelle G said...

I used the TT on Des' hair as well as my own for a few months and then began noticing serious issues with split ends which is something neither one of us had ever had problems with before. The TT was the only thing that we had changed in regimen so that is how I came to the conclusion it was the culprit. Once we stopped using it and got a trim we continued with out regimen as it was before and have not had issues with split ends at all.

Of course this is just my experience with my hair and my daughter's, I have heard of others that have had no issues using it.

LYGBC said...

Thank you ladies :)Ive also read tons of different reviews and by the sound that the TT makes as it approaches either dry or really tight curls sounds almost as if its "tearing" through it one would automatically think thats a bad sound. I was skeptical for a while but im glad i jumped in and i find that i do not use the TT on her dry hair for the sake of eliminating the chance for snag and that crazy sound.