Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Little Bro Z Turned 2!!

This passed month Little Bro Z turned 2!!! So on the morning of, we had to go balloon crazy like we did with Diva R's last few birthday's. This time we blew up 140 balloons. <3

These were all blew up and placed in Little Bro Z's room for him to wake to in the morning.  During the placing of the balloons Diva R woke up and asked what we were doing LOL Luckily she was half asleep and konked right out or our plan would have been ruined :P

Here came the morning time and i went in with the camera and video recorder singing "Happy Birthday" to Z until he woke up.  As he woke he sat up and rubbed his eyes and then noticed me singing before he noticed the balloons.  Sister told Z to look at all the balloons and he jumped right into them! Happy as a lark!

After just a few minutes of thrashing in the balloons, squealing with joy and playing his heart out he was burried in this monsoon of balloons! He knew they were just for him and little did we know how long these balloons were going to remain floating around our house lol

So then we traveled downstairs to eat and of course the Birthday Boy gets his choice in breakfast! What would any two year old child choose if they had a choice between a cupcake or cereal?

CUPCAKE of course! This picture was of him smashing his cupcake after i put candles in it and we sang Happy Birthday to him.

So then the rest of the day had to be spent preparing for his big super hero bash. Z got to live up the prep time by playing his heart out and making tremendous piles of all the toys he chose to play with at once with Daddy and Sister while Mommy and Uncle J set up his party.

*This party took 8 hours to set up*

 We had a great turn out and all the time put into set up was worth every second. The party was like a wonderland especially for all the little ones in attendance. We tend not to set budgets for our children's birthday parties because memories such as these are priceless. Z wanted a super hero themed party, it is the theme that stuck out to him everywhere. He LOVES super hero's and his "guys" which he calls his actions figures.

Big boy!!! He did so good with the cake. We were so surprised :)

Gotta get some play time in at the party!

Little Bro Z and Diva R's Outfits...

Here is a glimpse of the shirts Daddy and I wore...

 Here is the Diva on Little Bro Z's Birthday ready to party!

We had such a super party and he LOVED every moment of it, this is one thing he will never forget. The amount of gifts he got was beyond placement LOL We just recently popped some remaining balloons from his party morning. Look forward to another post related to Little Bro Z's Bday!

Diva R & Little Bro Z's Mommy


Michelle G said...

Looks like Z had a great time. Happy belated Birthday to him. Love the outfits the family wore.

LYGBC said...

@Michelle! He did!!! We all had a blast!!! We are still recovering from it LOL Thank you bunches <3