Thursday, March 31, 2011

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection: Combination Style x 2

I know this is kinda late but better late than never. The stomach flu reeked havoc on our household for nearly two weeks straight and needless to say i had to be MIA and take care of ALL of us sickies...

The first picture is of Diva R's hair doo for her Halloween party at school last year. It was just simply a half pony tail to the side, the loose hair was crimped from a over night braid out and the back hung in small/medium sized boxed braids with festive Halloween colored beads to match her shirt :)

This next combination style is from just before Halloween and it consisted of piggy back pony tails rubber banded going into pig tails that end in big three strand twists for the top half and medium sized box braids with beads. These are the slightly bigger than pony bead size beads. I call these chubbies or BGP (Big Giant Pony) beads. 

She still had alot of the "baby hair" in front that seems to keep growing and growing and growing and then new hair will come in and stay baby short FOREVER behind it.  Its just a cycle :)

Above is the top view and i just simply parted rectangle parts going from center part out towards her ears on both sides of part and then i just "piggy backed" each pony tail inside the next going into two pig tails :)

Above are two angled back shots of it. At this time Diva R's hair like to curl back up after i braided it and it would always curl in any way shape and form it wanted LOL and usually all of the braids that did that would all do it the opposite ways from each other leading me to believe her curl pattern was trying to find itself as of then :).

Beads really didn't help weight it down either if they wanted to curl up they sure would regardless :) Some of it had to do with my learning how to braid cornrows not too long before this.
We are all for anything girly and Diva is such a girly girl requiring cute, jazzy and pretty hair with accessories at all times. I liked doing the half styles alot back then because of the variation and i could switch them up by altering sections or adding or deleting certain elements making for a fresh style in 15-30 minutes per switch SAVING me alot of time in between. 
In case anyone is wondering... I used Lets Jam

Interchanging with this one also for a less hold....Let's Jam Shining & Conditioning Gel

This was the first gel i ever started using and it last longer than any other product the smell was just something you could never get used to and i can point that smell out of a hundred smells today! It worked great though but did build up after while (but as you can see in the pics it did shine in her hair and nothing looked gunky about it :)

Hope you enjoyed our WBW Style Reflection :)
God Bless.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Are there any other retired or current Lets Jam users?


amandak23k said...

Glad you are all feeling better! My girls have those darn baby hairs that seem to never go away, but it's just a cycle of the new ones replacing the ones that grew out! Did you use the Jam styling gel for the braids or just to slick down the baby hairs? Do you not use it anymore because you found something that worked better?

TaylorH said...

aw i use this jam too recommended by another hair mama... i have the extra hold i like it 0n my bf's 4B hair and i also use it for my daughters, i didnt find build up but unfortunately her slicked down pony only lasted like an hour! lol but best gel/jam ive used yet.

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

@Amanda- Thank you! We are almost 100% better all besides Diva R and her WORST allergy/asthma bout weve ever had is going on right now :( Poor kid doesnt want to move or want anything but Momma!
Those baby hairs are buggers especially when they come in as thick as Diva's do! What do you do to tame your daughters baby hairs?
I only used Jam to braid/twist with because it wasnt a good holding gel for Diva's hair when i slicked it back her curlees would just stand right up! I sure did use that faithfully to slick those baby hairs down! Thats mainly what it was used for besides cornrowing. I decided to experiment with the B M Curly Butter and thats what i use to slick them down now, because the smell of that Jam and the sticky ness was just too much for me after a while and it did leave gunky residue around rubberbanded areas... Im still on the search for a GOOD gel though :)
@Taylor- i began using the green lidded one and since it wasnt really a holding gel it didnt do much but add sheen with slight hold. I moved on to the extra hold yellow/orange topped one and have found that it worked best on Diva R's hair when being styled but not any other way. I didnt really like it on coarse hair that i have braided because it would really gunk up after days and leave that faint greenish film in certain areas. Yea it wouldnt slick Divas hair for nothing! I would say its a good gel just the smell is yukky and the stickyness too in my opinion :)