Thursday, March 3, 2011

We Cut Diva R's Hair...

We decided that it was time to give Diva R a haircut since it has been just under a year and she hasn't really needed one up until now :) We are avid bead, clips and rubber band users so i deem it important to keep a watch on her roots and ends for breakage regularly. Her last haircut was a hack job :( By me so i vowed never EVER to cut her hair again. I called all around and no ethnic shops in my area would cut "her type of hair" (what ever that means). So i found a place that has extremely knowledgeable people who specialize in curlee q's and it just so happens to be a KIDS ONLY hair cutting place.

I cant believe i didn't know this place existed until now SMH :) Gotta get out more.
I thought long and hard before the appointment about what i should do to prepare Diva R's hair and what i should bring with me in case knots, tangles or something alike would happen. ( I fear harmful products so i like to be prepared just in case) So we washed Diva's hair with the Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo and conditioned it with the Bee Mine Avacado Conditioner and finger detangled her hair while it was still wet and i generously spritz'd the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz. I then used the TT to spread the juicy spritz through her hair evenly.

I decided that in my bag to bring i would include the...
*Tangle Teezer*
*Juicy Spritz*

When we got there the kids went bananas!

You can understand why :P I was taken back by how awesome this place was, when i was younger they had nothing like this! If they did i may have enjoyed getting my hair cut. They even had their own line of products! So of course i became Inspector Gadget and checked them all out 1 by 1. Has anyone ever seen or used these products?

Off of first glance it was obvious these are not natural or organic products but they are mostly composed of the rich pure hair oils that we all concoct at home in our homemade hair therapies. What i found really interesting was that each bottle had a different child who represented different countries and ethnicity's and the products matched the child :) It was great to see the display of multi-ethnic children on hair products that had ingredients to match :) Alot of these had sulfates and such like that in them so i was deterred from buying these but id love to hear input on the products if anyone has used these. these compared to most store brands had more nourishing elements in them.

Of course Diva R couldn't help but notice the Diva table in the back that had a barbie head with hair and a styling chair with a doll in it with hair:) It had combs brushes and the whole 9 for little girls to do hair while waiting. She LOVED that.

She got to pick out what DVD she would like to watch on her own personal TV while she also got to choose which car/plane/decked out chair she wanted to sit in. She picked the pink car to sit in and Barney as her movie of choice (Divalicious) She was talking up a storm and loved getting her hair cut.

I had to give the stylist the run down of her hair routine and what we will and wont allow and how we want her hair handled. I asked if she has heard of the TT and she has heard of it but never considered using it. My time to school has come. I pulled it out and spread beneficial information so that hopefully they will incorporate more types of combing/brushing products for a wider variety of hair types. She was intrigued :)
I am surprised i didn't have to take over somewhat, the stylist was just AMAZING and knew exactly what she was doing.

We just got her ends barely trimmed. The stylist even said her hair is so healthy she only needed not even half an inch cut off.
Cookie Cutters is just the place to be if your a kid needing a haircut or a diva needing her nails done even :) Click above and see if there is one near you :)

Both kids got a balloon, sucker and two loaded books of great coupons for cuts, products and services. When it was time to leave i knew it would be a fight, but this time i was spared of the craziness since the place we were going right after was equally as cool :) My son had a Dentist appt right after...Luckily we have a KIDS ONLY Dentist office that is like Disneyland! Seriously.

The staff at Cookie Cutters is just amazing! They are heavily involved in the community and are must go-to's if there is one in your area.

*Its fluffier than usual because we used the TT*



Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Dreamer13 said...

WOW!!! That place is AMAZING! I want one!! :)

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

@Karli- I know I was debating a "mommy cut" :) so I could sit in a car and be pampered! It was so fun. BTW I <3 your blog. Your styles are just gorgeous. said...

I always cut my daughters hair myself with no problem, but it might be interesting to take her to a professional and see if they do it any differently!

Kandy said...

I want to go their to get my hair done :( I want to pick out a movie and play lol

Dreamer13 said...

aww Thank you Kim! :D

I was seeing some fuzz stuck to Q's hair lately (did you read that post about trims and fuzz on hapygirlhair?) anyway - it made me think of this salon and I got jealous all over again! lol! What a neat idea. I totally want to go there for Q and I!! ...if only we had one here... sigh. :p