Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection: Freestyle Cornrows 2 for 1 :)

Both of these styles were styles from a month into learning how to cornrow :) I was already trying to do zig zags and angled cornrows and veils all that quick lol I was really in over my head because it was so hard to grasp the concepts of correct turn and such so the braids don't flip.... So i broke down and bought a manikin head at this point because i was determined!!! This first set of pics was my second good set of cornrows ever done!! I went for the angles and still didn't do to bad :) This took about an hour and a half at this time in my cornrowing stages to do :)

I used Lets Jam holding gel at this time and i used it quite often and faithfully up until i found Bee Mine and the only thing i didn't like about it was the weird smell... It never did build up in her hair like others complained of that i came across but i also think its best in finer type hairs and not coarse.  I like how the cornrows shined and it was just an overall cute and flattering style.  It is a playful hair style that doesn't require high maintenance nor look bad when it gets frizzy like little cornrows can :) It is very girly and can even be converted to be a boyish style. This now would probably take me 35 min or less if her hair is wet.

This next set of pictures

(Notice the swirly curling inverted looped twists i did hanging from her pony tail, that began with an experiment of messing around with different ways to unique-i-fy her pony tail with thoughts of the topsy tail tool and the different ponies you could create with that on longer hair) 
Since her hair is shorter than required to use that tool i just did this by hand and i had accidentally created it i just loved it and hope it stayed throughout the day. I incorporated some of the BGP beads that are bigger than the regular size pony beads. I got them from a local beauty supply as well as the clips in her hair :)

This was also my first time putting cornrows around the nape of her neck and going in different ways in smaller than i was used too :)

Hope you enjoyed!

Diva Rs Mommy- Kim

How about a contest coming up highlighting our organizational skills with our accessories and products? Maybe taking pics of them and displaying them for everyone to see and then LYGBC picks a winner or two?


Shay said...

i've been cornrowing my daughters hair for about 2 years if not longer and i still have issues with zig zag braids. i probably should buy a head to practice different things on.

if you saw my organization for our hair stuff you'd probably feel sad for me. lol. it's a hot mess. one day i'll come up with something more useful for hair time. i think i will take a pic of it though.. to show people what NOT to do! =) said...

I really like this style!

TaylorH said...

ok girl please do a post or vid teaching how to do the zig zag ones LOL is it all in the parting???

TaylorH said...

ps love the organization contest!!

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

@Shay- I hear ya girl! It is not easy learning different patterns of cornrowing! Nor good organizations! Necause its all about what you have at your finger tips and if you live in an area like me thats not much lol! Im always looking for new ideas for storage :)
@CHIB- Thank you :) Your an artist as well!
@Taylor- Zig zags are not exactly perfected on my end :/ and yes it is in the parting and turning of your hands when your cornrowing. An incorrect zig zag looks curved like a c or s but the correct zig zag has tha z look :) I am working on starting video tutorials :) Just hoping my camera cooperates!
ps the organization contest will hopefully be jam packed with diff ideas for all of us :)