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Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection: 2 for 1

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection  2 for 1: Diva R’s 1st and ONLY professional style AND 1st ever Cane-Row Twist Faux Hawk:
Ok here is our WBW 2 for 1 edition Style reflection and I decided to do a 2 for 1 today so in thought of some recent conversations I chose Diva R’s 1st ever professional style. I will start from the beginning 
We were at a local children’s event and we came upon a booth that was a ethnic hair salon (at this time I didn’t know how to cornrow or do anything fancy on her hair) so I stopped and looked at their display of hair designs that the shop has done, marveled a bit and began to keep walking when one of the hair stylists stopped me and asked if I would like to get my daughters hair done for FREE. I was like FREE! Absolutely!!!!!.

They were doing this as a service for kids going back to school and Diva was just old enough to qualify, so it was about a 45 minute drive to the shop and I NEVER would have made a trip like this ever just to get her hair done and have to pay for it too but since it was free and pre-school started in a few days I was making that trip.  Diva was not fond of me doing her hair at this age so I wasn’t sure how this would go… The ladies name was Cookie and she was the most experienced braider out of the shop 30 plus year experience so I was pleased with the atmosphere and surprisingly this was the first and only time I haven’t been told by a salon that they can’t do my daughters “type” of hair.

At first Diva was totally into it wanting to get her hair done and I wanted the stylist to do some girly patterned cornrows so I could watch and question her as she went.  Everyone at the shop just loved Diva R’s hair she was the only one who didn’t have to be blow dried before being braided. So Diva began acting shy and acting up a little bit by Ms. Cookie really helped the situation by how prepared she was and how friendly she was to Diva R She let her pick out and hold the beads  That made her day perfect from there out 
She decided to do a few slanted cornrows with beads at the beginning and small/med sized triangle ponytails with NO rubber bands with two strand twists all over ending in beads and rubber bands.

(In action, in a deep concentration) *_*
*Note: I had no idea about beaders or how to secure beads on the hair at this time and I knew that I would have to redo her ponies in two days or less because of not rubber banding them, I told Cookie that but she said “Ill bet you these stay in for two weeks” I was praying so since I always have had to do her hair every few days no matter what type of style.   I asked if she would teach me how to cornrow and she was more than willing and for free still at that. So this was a blessing at hand for sure! She recommended that I use Twist and Locks Honey Wax on her hair for holding only and only a tiny bit, and she wad other suggestions that I can’t remember till this day but they weren’t any of the ones I came across I know that for sure.

Also Light Oil Sheen spray for right after I style her hair.  She didn’t have much to offer on biracial children’s hair care but her showing me methods of hand placements in person as well as she taught me how to  rubber band beads on her hair with the spiraling upward technique so that its super quick to put them on! I did learn that from her! The braiding still took me some time after this though.

This style took an hour and a half and it seemed like 15 minutes! I liked the geometric different shapes in her hair and I was still satisfied with this look but I could have nearly done it myself J Diva JUST LOVED IT but she wouldn’t let the stylist take pics of it lol she was running around at that point dancing and being silly so it was def time to go lol

I was surprised the twists looked as good as they did because twists never stay in her hair NEVER and just as I presumed the twists needed to be re-done in two days and the ponies seriously needed tightening the next day. This style would have cost 35-40 dollars!!! So after this I said I am definitely going to teach myself since I couldn't learn from a pro in person, I am usually a quick learner and I said if I don’t get it off bat I'm going to plan B and Plan B worked for me  This gorgeous girly style was done in Sept 2010 and has been repeated since  Diva R was 3 ½.

This was two days later and i had changed the beads, colors and braided the what were(twists) :) great change over and this was quick too! I learned that quick to rubber band with that spiral twirling :)

Here is the “Cane-Row” Twists or (Flat two Strand Twists) going into a Faux hawk.  This was the first attempt on Diva R at a Faux

This was done in October 2010 and for a first time Faux Hawk after watching YouTube and reading blogs until I just got silly it turned out more elegant looking than I thought  I just cane-rowed her sectioned hair going toward the center part in her hair and securing them with rubber bands . I loved how her gorgeous loose curls just hung freely and the cane-rows complimented her girly-ness. I didn’t use any special type products at this time. <3 The Faux Hawk I was weirded out by at first but once I got to tinkering with it I began to LOVE IT on little girls hair and we have altered this many ways since.

Hope you Enjoyed our Way Back Wed post.

Diva R’s Mommy-Kim

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I love mohawks and faux hawks of all kinds on boys and girls!a always have!