Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Curlee Style from a few days ago :)

Here is Diva R on a usual day, she is posing and wearing her bumble bee costume :) She just refused to give me a face or side shot :/ BUT i wanted to capture her natural curls in action and this was a successful shoot (even with a bad camera).

Her curls are SUPER fluffy and get like this after a rigorous time of dancing, rough housing :o, playing, dress up, school( if she wears her hair down), and pretty much anytime that i just spritz a light coat of distilled water from our lovely spritz bottle over her hair followed by the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz. I SQUEEZE in the moisture, never rubbing or pulling. Every day is dress up day for her and mommy lets her do it too :)
(Couldnt find her antlers :/))

My Busy Bee Diva R :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Why was a fellow mother of a child at Divas school shocked to see her hair naturally flowing? Hmm.. o_O


amandak23k said...

Aww Love the bumble bee costume!!

DsMommy said...

Cute! And really? What did the other mom say? As it said in front of the Diva? Some people....

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

@Amandak23k- Thank you :)
@DsMommy- Thanks :) and Yes unfortunatly she did say that! Thank God Diva was playing with her classmates at the time, that was one less bout of ignorance i had to figure out how to explain to her... She said "(stumbling over her words with hesitation)WOW her hair is actually down and natural, i never seen it like that you must never let her wear it down WOW it looks hard to manage its REAL BIG and all over the place...." It had the other parents looking at me also in awe... This was one of those moments where i would have pulled out my trusty can of WA a few years back, because one could take that insulting!!! Her fumbling and slipping up on her words made it seem more dramatic.. I dont get what the big deal is? What are people thiking saying something so weird and out of place about my little Diva? I was slightly shocked and responded "ACTUALLY!, these are her natural curls, her hair has always been and always will be (until she reaches legal age and decided to do otherwise) natural and i take pride in doing my daughters hair and id rather not have her hair always hanging free at school especially leaving open opportunities for children to cut/put something in/ get paint in or such of the like, on top of that her hair being of the texture it is, is harder to maintain BUT its not impossible and its better being styled consistently and having my daughter LOVE her hair and be proud of her hair with high self esteem than being a hot mess sticking all over the place, unbrushable jungle with the look of just waking up and walking out the door (like some of these classmates of hers *im thinking to myself at this point LOL*.... Needless to say an erie silence arose afterwords :) I bet no more weird comments or questions will be asked :D There is always that one person to act foolish :) Everyone always loves her hair and styles and wants their kids hair done so i just understood that all of that was coming from an un-hair educated person :) and Moved on :)

DsMommy said...

Wow..I would have been insulted too. Lately my girl has been loving wearing her hair brushed out with the TT into a poofy one better say anything about it lol

Mia's Krunchy Mama said...

Adorable! I love the bee costume!