Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection

Well i have been super busy with personal things so i haven't been able to post and this post will be short as a result :) Of course this is Wednesday so it is our Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection. This WBW we are showcasing a style that i did on Diva R back in September and as most of you may remember i began cornrowing in August of 2010 so this is a newbie style but still looks great. Not many people could mess up box braids not even beginners. I just incorporated two big corn-rows that go back down the middle of her head :) along with box braids and half-rows layered in the back :) This was a busy style for a newbie :) We used junky products that id rather not mention *_*, the BGP beads, rubber bands and she was styled.

This collage here is the day after, we switched the beads up to match better :)

Hope you like!
Diva R's Mommy- Kim

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NitaLee said...

Aww so cute look at her lil Baby hairs in the front (: