Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection :)

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection 
Criss Cross Mixed W/ Straight Half-Rows and Veil-Rows Ending in Beads 
I am never good with explaining styles or wording or naming them as short yet descriptive as id like lol Let me begin by saying I really wanted to try out Criss Cross cornrows especially after watching Keep Me Curly’s Criss Cross corn-rowing video. Katie has a different type of corn-rowing technique like myself so I grasped it just that quick using the Manikin head.  I Decided that I wanted to try it out on Diva R’s hair and at the same time I was needing to figure out how to make them not look boyish (which was hard at times).  I incorporated the 2 veil-rows, CC Rows and straight backs into half-rows so that I could girl-i-fy the back J

I didn’t have Bee Mine back then so I used Lets Jam Hair Gel and some olive oil detangling spray on this style.

(These we the products used for this style just the rubber bands are missing)

This was done in Nov 2010 and her hair was much shorter then.
I had the 2 veil braids go into beads in the back and the cc-rows and SBs (Straight backs) went into a pony tail that I braided the loose ends of the rows into braids J I pulled the back half of her free hair into the pony while braiding the big braid so there were the braids and free hair braided together giving the 3D pop.

This wasn’t my first attempt but I will keep going until I perfect it. It took 4 hours to do this style I was cooking and entertaining and kid sitting while doing it, maybe that’s why it took so long ^_^ A style like this would take little over an hour tops with breaks. I am proud of this style, it got a lot of raves but I couldn't help but look at them not and think that besides the veil and the pony tail part of it it’s a boyish type style and the braids were tighter than I like to do them now also since I have become really protective of her hair. At this point I was confident enough to braid other peoples hair.
Hope you enjoyed our Way Back Wed Style Reflection
Do you know how to braid designs? How did you learn?
Diva R’s Mommy-Kim

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