Friday, March 25, 2011

Man-I-Kin MANIA! Part 1

I felt like showcasing our Man-I-Kin's ( Mostly mine for now).
I bought the Manikin head (on the right) in Sept 2011 from Sally Beauty Supply after calling around for over a month every where even a neighboring state looking for an ETHNIC Manikin head and most people chuckled at my asking for that when i called ALL the beauty supplies in my surrounding vicinity o_0. Almost all of the ones i did call said "We only have the white ones"... Hmmm So online i searched for EVER but i felt like i wouldn't be satisfied with buying one that i couldn't see in person first since i was particular on the type of hair i was looking for on the Manikin head.

Just when i was going to give in I called a local Sally's 1 more time and they seriously had got two in! So i rushed up there and luckily i did because when i got there there was only one (YAY) and it just so happened to be the ethnic one i was searching for hair type and all but i would have liked for them to have a better African American head with a more real fro. I bought that and the stand that you put the head onto to clip onto a table, chair or the like.
The Barbie head of course is Diva R's "Miss Jenny", she loves to do her hair :) I have done styles on that head also just didn't take pics :) Its all choppy and different lengths which makes it challenging.

Below are some random styles that i have done practicing on "Miss Jenny" the Manikin head.
The top left was the very first attempt at a faux hawk and the other three in this collage are first time ever attempt at freestyle cornrows :)

Here are some more semi recent styles Ive done and the one on the left below was just some idea i had got and i ran with it and ended up with that :) I learned a few things from doing that specific pattern that will make it better next time :) The one on the right is my very first ever heart :)

Here is my very first attempt at a star, and this was very hard to do i watched videos and looked and froze framed pictures just to try and dissect how the exact parting was done and came to the conclusion that i was too much of a beginner still to be trying all that LOL So an hour later it turned out looking like Patrick! The starfish from Spongebob Square pants instead

So over an hour later it turned out looking like Patrick! The starfish from Sponge bob Square pants instead

Below is just me messing around with these tiny pony beads i have on hand trying to figure out different ways of putting them throughout cornrows and such :) I was experimenting with different size cornrows in different ways and shapes :) getting better. I find that washing the Manikin head does help the hair stay in good condition i wash and condition the head and blow dry it right away so that mold doesn't ever build up in the head.  This one came with directions. Product act the same in a Manikin's hair as a humans hair. This one has REAL hair so it requires certain things to help manage it while styling..

I was really feeling creative when i experimented with letters for the first time. This is NOT easy at all and i jut don't get it as of yet. it is an art and alot of people use crochet hooks, tools to sew and other techniques to achieve letter braiding.  There are nearly NO videos out there to teach one how to do it. But cursive writing seems to be easier than regular letter braiding, still trying to experiment with ways to incorporate all the hair around and inside the lettering without it looking sloppy....

Above was a first time ever 3 leaf clover and i decided to put a big inverted french braid on the one bottom section versus another leaf or stem "look". This took about 20 minutes tops :) It was a sideways 3 leaf clover from the front and it sat so cute and with accessories it would be poppin :) This was easy compared to the four leaf clover that i did on Diva for the first time this past St Patty's day.

That's all for now (Hence part 1 mentioned above :)) I have many more and more to come. Diva's don't like to be experimented on for too long at a given sitting they tend to get prissy... *_* So Miss Jenny has saved many hours days and weeks of unnecessary rookie struggling and stressing Diva with experiments :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Who all has a practice head???

4 comments: said...

Ive been thinking about buying a head too- that way I could try out new hair styles so C can see them first, and to see if I even can do them! The beauty schools in my area actually have them. I felt silly for wanting one, but now it seems ok! Haha! :)
When I did my criss cross braids, it was freestyle too- I didnt plan on them. I think un planned styles turn out the best and most creative! Nice job!

LegalChic said...

I have a manikin head too but the hair on it sucks lol its real thin and kinda scragly. I can do some thingswith but not much. I should have gotten the ethnic one the hair seems better.


LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

@CHIB- Thats exactly why i got the head, it is so much easier to experiment on a fake head than a child of any age :) I am so stress relieved that i did that too becaue there are times where i find myself cornrowing and styling for HOURS on end through the night. Diva R would NEVER allow me to have her sits for beyond 4 hours thats even tough to accomplish sometimes depending on her moods *_* But hair time for me is business time.
@Brianna- Yea im not too fond of the hair on mine either, its not scraggly but the scalp isnt as close to "life like" as it claims creating slight unnatural spacing throughout its hairline. I have cut the ends to get rid of some of the scraggly-ness but if it goes un washed and maintained it does get scraggly.
I can say based of my many experiences with Manikin heads the ethnic ones are the best hair iwse hand down... The one i have is the best quality one Sally's sells ive seen and experimented on them all. I am still looking for one with a GOOD/REAL fro. :)

NitaLee said...

OMG you are so creative. How do you think of all this stuff. The third pic to the left is amazing. It looks so cool.