Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today's Curlee Style: 4 Pigtails w/Braids and 3 Strand Twists

Sooo we have been quite busy lately with activities, kiddies getting sick and many other last minute things so we haven't had much time to do hair lately.  This style is from a week ago and I figured since we haven't done pig tails in a while why not do 4 of them! Her hair was freshly washed and conditioned with Bee Mine Botanical Wash and Bee Mine Avocado Conditioner.

I sectioned it into four even parts rubber banded then pony-d them each, i spritzed a light coat of the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz on her scalp, then applied some Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer to her mids and ends following with some Bee Mine Curly Butter and used a small toothed comb to gently blend the moisturizer and sealer down into her pony tailed hair. I decided that i wanted two different things going on so i did one single looser type braid from each pony tail and ending them in gold colored bow clips to match. I also three strand twisted the remaining loose hair hanging from each pony tail and ended those in ballies to add weight to keep them from unraveling like they always do!

Here is a close up of the three strand twist.

I had to re twist the twists with some added luscious moisture cream to keep the form and we were ready to walk out the door all in a matter of 20 minutes.

Simple, quick and cute :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

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jianette said...

I love these kind of quick, yet cute styles for when we have a million things to do that day. It looks so much better than a crazy poofy ponytail.