Sunday, March 27, 2011

Today's Curlee Style...

*Inspired by Katie A's beautiful artwork on her daughter.*

Freestyling and getting better as i go :)

So i washed Diva R's hair the night before using the My True Nature shampoo and followed it with NO conditioner as an experiment. After her bath i put our *new product* on her hair and massaged it in and through and followed that by some Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer.  Off to bed she went :)

Then the next evening i began styling... ( all day i kept her hair consistently moisturized and up so that it would stay tangle free and remain moisturized until i was ready to do her hair).

So i took her protective style down and spritzed her hair with a light coat around her head of our bottle of distilled water, following with a touch up of the Cream Moisturizer then Curly Butter on each and every section i parted as i was braiding each cornrow.

(I did half her hair that night and finished the rest today)

                                                                        Top View

Side Views

Back Views :) (This is the first half i did the night before)

I am definitely proud of the back :) I just got inspired looking at Katie A's most recent style and four hours total later (due to parting) and (MANY breaks and whining) i was done and i didn't add any beads or clips to it yet because i am waiting to jazz them up for school :)

So we will see how long this lasts, as usual most styles no matter how they are done only last 2 days and they have to be retouched MAX... I don't know if extension hair would help in that matter but since her hair is so super thin i am so limited in doing alot to it...

Hope you enjoyed :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


amandak23k said...

Great job the back looks awesome!! Someone told me this weekend don't bother learning to braid, it won't last in their hair and it won't stay looking good. Both my daughters hair is very fine especially at the hair line. Do you ever feel like you wasted your time doing these styles and they don't last that long?

Kandy said...

Looks wonderful! I love the style!

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

@Amanda- Thank you!!!! We have the same thin-ness at the hairline in our daughters.... I wouldnt necessarily listen to others saying dont bother learning how to braid your daughters hair because of it not lasting... Because to me, doing my daughters hair now is paving for a life long great experience and love for her hair. I feel if she has this confidence boost young that she will grow to love and take care of her hair, and being that i style it in so many ways she will never feel helpless or that she wants to relax her hair... :) In my opinion its one of the most worth it things i have learned and to answer your question its NEVER a waste of time NEVER. i just realized that what comes along with this territory of doing her hair and how its so thin that i am committing to a lifelong frequency of doing and taking her hair down... BUT we love every moment of it and she loves the results so in the end its beyond worth it and i find it my passion now :) When one style gets frizzy my creatovity gets another chance to go wild and its just endless the possibilities!

@Kandy- thank you :)

lil Curlies said...

My daughter has fine,thin corkscrew curls. I sometimes feel a tad limited in the styling department, because styles never last and they just dont look right because the braids have to be so tiny and so few.... I wish there was a product that would help hair grow in thicker... Thin fine hair runs in my family so I would like to try it to...

amandak23k said...

Thanks LYGBC, I love your response!!