Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Diva R Got Her First Mani and Pedi!!

Diva R has been a Diva at heart from birth, at 16 months she got her first REAL Coach purse, it was just her size and had light pink around the bottom... This is the one that she had her eye on it just stood out to her as we were shopping. She LOVED this purse carried it every where and still has it today. Her FAV things to carry in it were her little princess phone, a mini cardboard book, "her" keys and a misc toy  of different natures :) *Moment in Diva History*

So for my wedding i decided that id take Diva R and my sister out for a girls day and no better way to have girly together time than to get mani's and pedi's :) Diva R was skeptical of the huge massage chair and tub of water jets with bubbles but i just picked her up sat her in the chair and she fell in love at that moment! She just ate it up. I picked her polish color to match my nails :) I had begun thinking why haven't i taken her already to get pampered?....

Watching her giggle and talk with her expressions was beyond rewarding for me :) My little Diva. She got the whole 9 :) Leg massage, feet massage, hand massage, the warm towel massage AND the nice nail lady even painted a flower on her big toes and thumbs. The flowers sent her over the deep end in her divaness lol she was showing all the ladies her nails and talking non stop :) She really didn't want that water to drain out of the foot tub :( but when she was put under the lamp she was back to her chatty self.

$30.00 dollars later i have a little girl who is ecstatic beyond comparison who is still raving about getting her nails done again weeks later and i promise myself that this will be something we do often :) This is such an esteem booster for a little girl.

My sister was also geeked it was her first time EVER getting a mani and pedi and we went out and bought her some makeup also :) Shes getting so big <3

Such a nice pick me up and its awesome to have my little girl to enjoy it with...

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


DsMommy said...

How cute!

NitaLee said...

Aww that is just too cutee. I cant wait to have a daughter LOL for now its just me and my godsissy. BTW i know this is weird but she has really pretty feet!!