Friday, April 1, 2011

Update On Our Latest Today's Curlee Style and NEW Hair Pretties!!!...

So since i did Diva R's latest style last Sunday March 27th it has been changed a few times and we've also received our new hair pretties..

The above 2 pics were taken two days after and I just re-freshed the already in place style by putting the loose braids in three braided pony tails, 1 on each side of her head and 1 in back of her head and adding our cute new spring flower ballies from Elder-Beerman at the bases of each, then braiding 3 individual braids from each using up all the hair in each section followed by regular pony tail holders in matching spring fun colors at the ends of the braids and last but definitely not least is the GORGEOUS Nickelodeon themed bottle cap hair bow that we got from Bella's Bow's and Band's. Diva is wearing the Bubble Guppies cap, one of the three we chose :) The clip on the back of the bow is the alligator style.

(Here is the pic taken before we received them kinda blurry but you can still see the elements more clear as well as the other two caps we got :)

This has got to be the cutest bow Diva has yet!!! and the quality of it is remarkable and it can be worn with nearly everything! It can even function as a daddy did my hair bow :) <3Which we will be looking into soon as well since Bella's makes them too :P
Take a gander at Bella's Bow's and Band's there are hundreds more quality crafted pretties for your angels and boys even in ANY character or theme you could imagine :)

I decided to leave this style in unusually longer than i would regardless of the frizzies that became evident...

For school today i just took out the braids that were in over night from the previous style re-do and left em crimped with the braid out and clipped one of her newest hair pretties that she got from Diva Locks on the one side and spritz'd with distilled water after i already added the Luscious Moisturizer Curly Butter the night before and off to school she went SO PROUD of her Bright orange flower with the BIG "diamond" in the center as Diva called it :) (The other flowers are for Easter so she hasnt seen them yet :) I didnt take a pic of her style today though.

That's special to her because her birthday is in April and the Diamond is her stone :) (shes def MOMMY'S GIRL for that one :))

These pictures below were taken tonite 5 days after being done, before i took her hair down to be washed.

Since I'm awaiting for my new moisturizing product to arrive I've been spritzing her hair about 6 times a day to maintain the natural moisture already present with additional boosts of distilled water, into the cornrows since we discontinued using our old fav moisturizer because of Diva R's allergies...

(NOTE all of the frizzies EVERYWHERE! This is what normally happens everyday or every other day following her styles, I've just adapted the reasoning that this is her natural curlee array and i love it for how it is<3) From a distance the braids look good but if you closely look they were beginning to become looser from her head out indicating its time to be taken down :)

Below is another pic of some hair pretties we just got also :) the Princess set is for her Birthday so she hasn't seen them yet either :) Those top the cake for the best clippies i have ever seen hand crafted with such life like detail! We got those from Little Lamb's and they are worth EVERY CENT.  I entered an auction and won them... Now I'm working on getting the missing FAV princess of ours... Any guesses whos missing??

That's what we have been up too :) Besides planning Diva R's Toodee Birthday Bash that is...

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


amandak23k said...

Super Cute!! You are really good at braiding! What is the new moisturizer that you are going to be trying? Hope there will be a new review!!

Dreamer13 said...

CUTE!! I love the bottle cap clippies :) Ribbon styles like that always get me. :) and that braid style is AMAZING! WELL DONE!!!

Kandy said...

Princess Tiana is missing ..... :(

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Thank you Amanda :) and the Lavish Moisturizer is the one i am referring too :) I am awaiting my special made product so until i receive that lavish is what im using.
@Karli- ME TOOO these boutiques LOVE me!!! There is always something that draws me in with these ribbon styles and character items! Thanks for your props :)
@Kandy- I know :'( and whats worse is that she may not be able to make me a Tiana :( because she doesnt have brown ribbon like that :(

DiaryofaHairPrincess said...

my princess would love those princess hair bows, she's really good