Monday, April 11, 2011

Todays Curlee Style: Princess Tiana Inspired & My First Ever Hand Crafted Bow!!

In honor of Princess Tiana i decided to try a Sock Bun and since i never did a SB before i decided to just give it a whirl :)

Here is Diva R's hair before i put the sock bun sock on her pony tail :)

Below is of the first EVER sock bun sock that i ever constructed and i must say that doing them with regular socks is the way to go, i chose this fuzzy purple sock because it matched Divas dress perfectly that she was going to wear... Problem was it that it was WAY to bulky for Divas hair so i cute it down quite a bit and after fussing with it just threw the towel in on that sock bun sock because her hair just wasn't long enough or thick enough for it :)  So i them got a brown dress sock of mine and cut it up and rolled it into a donut and it worked GREAT or at least better than the first attempt (have no pics of the brown sock bun sock)...

I put Diva R's pony tail through the sock bun sock (SBS) like so...

And here is how it turned out using the smaller sized sock... i decided that i didn't want to pin her hair under the bun or "comb" it under there so i just left a waterfall of free curlees falling from the sides and bottom of the bun :) I see now that i could have used a bit bigger of a sock for a fuller bun but i was pleased with the results :)

BTW the Tiana bow is the FIRST EVER bow i have ever made!!! I am so proud of myself :) It took over an hour though since I'm a neewbie BUT it was relatively easy and i just love how it turned out.. Had to get some Tiana ribbon to compliment her Tiana dress that Dawn's Bowtique made special for Diva R :)

Below is a side shot of Diva R's Tiana Inspired hair doo for her Pa's birthday party...

The reverse side shot :) (slightly fuzzy looking but was perfected of course before we left )

Above and below is my awesome creation :) This bow consisted of a freestyled idea, Tiana ribbon from Walmart that was $2.97 and i still have some left, some liquid stitch, scissors, white sequins, smaller purple ribbon, small shiny sparkly white ribbon, a center flower accent and an alligator clip that i recycled :)

Here is the Diva modeling her FAV dress that inspired this hair doo and bow creation :)

Here is the Diva in action singing and dancing sporting her FAV princess :) I seriously got stopped all night as well as my husband by people asking where we got her dress and bow and my hubby felt the need to showcase my creation and boast that i made the bow and did her hair :) Yay hubby :) That was an all night pick me up, i got to live in that moment and brag about Dawn's Bowtique too of course :) All the little girls wanted a dress like hers <3 that made Diva feel so special, things like that move her so greatly and shes so appreciative of peoples compliments also :)

We used our reg products for this hair style and total time for style completion was 30 min tops :)

God Bless :)
Diva R's Mommy-Kim


OhMomma said...

She is adorable in her Tiana inspired hair and dress! Great job on the bow too!

NitaLee said...

She is just beautiful. The bow came out awesome (i see a new activity in the making lol)