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Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway!!! Sidewinder Hair Holders!

We've been blessed to be able to provide our family members with a Sidewinder Hair holders Giveaway!  We were blessed with some sets of hair holders so that we could provide a bright and springy review for our cherished readers, THANK YOU SUSIE!

We had discovered the Sidewinders through Keep Me Curly :)

Susie over at has generously offered two of our blessed readers each a full set of Sidewinders Hair Holders of their color choice J

(These pictured are some of my personal Sidewinders :))

For those of you who don't know what Sidewinders are here is a snippet from "the beginnings of this business started as an idea while Susan Lowry, owner, was camping/RVing. She saw colorful twisted wind spinners on many RVs and thought, “Gee. That sure would look cute in the hair.” Of course she was right…..they do look pretty awesome in the hair. And that was the start of Sidewinder Hair holders.
Located in El Dorado Hills, California, Sidewinder is dedicated to providing you with a unique, fun, colorful hair holder at an affordable price to use when you style girls’ hair. Think of us as the hair beads and barrette alternative.
So whether it’s a curly hair hairstyle, hairstyle medium length, girls long hairstyles, short hairstyles, school hairstyle, all the cute girls’ hairstyles look better with Sidewinder Hair Holders."
Copied from

Hair Beads Alternative

Instead of the traditional time-consuming method of placing multiple beads on one braid and having to use a hair beading tool, with a Sidewinder Hairholder all you need is just ONE holder for each braid, which of course eliminates a ton of time spent loading beads onto a beader and then putting the beads on each individual braid on girls braided hairstyles.
Another excellent advantage to beads is you can easily take the holder out of the hair, even when you use the holders on small braids with a bead to secure the holder! Also, be sure to check out our video and hairstyle galleries to see all the cute girls hairstyles which do not require an elastic band or bead at the end. 

Sidewinder Hairholders are excellent for hairstyles with braided cornrows, to use in place of hairstyles with beads or hairstyles with barrettes, or to use in place of dreadlocks with beads.
Actually, the ways you can use these holders to create cute girls hairstyles are endless. The look you create depends on how you choose to wear them. This girls hair accessory is so different from what is currently on the market, I’ve actually had people come up to me and ask, “What is that in your hair? It’s so cool!!”
And you can use them in all hair textures and hair lengths, including girls long hairstyles, hairstyles for medium length, short hair, natural hair, cornrows, braided hairstyles. We do recommend with fine hair you add an elastic band at the end.

The hair holders come in three sizes, 1″, 2″ and 3″, which allows for even more hairstyle versatility. Our 1″ holders are especially good for pinning back bangs.

Since the holder comes in 25 colors, you can match just about any outfit. And each holder has two pieces, which allows you to make them multicolored. Make your own custom two-color combinations. For example, why not show team spirit by wearing your school colors or your favorite sports team’s colors on one holder." Copied from  
There will be a 1st and 2nd place winner and the winners will be chosen by number of votes that each picture(s) receives. (The highest amount of “like” votes wins first place the second highest amount of “like” votes wins 2nd place and there will be two different people who win J)
I will be conducting this giveaway via Face book for all of our blessed family members.  I will be creating an album with the pictures from each contestant and add them as I receive them. This album will be displayed for only our Face book family to see and vote on. If you would wish to have others vote for you they MUST be a FB friend of ours in order to like the photos.
I will allow each contestant to submit 3 photos of their collection. These photos can be of any or all of the below…
-Hair Accessories
-Hair Products and Their Organization
-Your Organization System that houses all of the hair items you have
-Hair Tools/Gadgets/Misc Hair Items and how there stored
My goal is to shed light on the many facets of Organization involving our cherished hair items so that everyone can gain new ideas or inspiration from seeing others set ups.
I thought it would be fun to see how everyone keeps their accessories together; This is fun with an incentive making it DOUBLE AWESOME! J After the contest I will compile a blog post focused on the many facets of organization and feature some of the submissions on our blog J
I will be accepting submissions via email. Your submission MUST be pertinent to hair items and MUST include at least 1 picture but no more than 3.  If you’re unable to email to participate contact me for further instructions. available for FB.
I will be conducting this through my FAN page and regular Face book account since I can keep this giveaway post at the top of the Fan page for easy reference.
This is the only way to enter for a set of Sidewinders Hairholders. You must submit ONLY by email or Facebook inbox message, no tagging of pictures or mentions will be included as entry valid since the contest will be conducted through an album that i create :)
Double dipping is NOT allowed and if anyone is caught entering from two or more accounts to “up” their chances they will be disqualified. 
Step 1: Take and submit pictures of your collection/organization arrangements to
Step2: Await a confirmation response email stating that your entry was received and accepted from LYGBC. ( You have to hear back from me that I received your entry in order to participate)
Step 3: Start spreading the word about our contest to get your pictures as many votes as possible. ( In order for one to vote on any submission they have to be a fan/friend of LYGBC face book page). The votes will be tallied according to how many “likes” each photo has. Each person can only “like” each photo once. I will go through each one to validate them also 
Step 4: Keep raking in the votes I will promote all of the submissions as well to gain everyone’s entries MORE “likes”
That’s IT!
When the contest concludes the contestant with the most “likes” wins 1st place and the 2nd place winner will be the runner up with the second highest amount of “likes”. Each winner will receive a complete set of Sidewinders  courtesy of Susie the creator of Sidewinder Hair Holders. I will select the winners on April 27th and create a post in their honor announcing so The winners have two days to respond, so by April 29th If I hear from no one I will go on to the next picture with the highest “likes”.  There will be two separate winners and upon the winner announcement I will then need the winner's...
*Name, address and choice color of the set that you won.
So they can ship out asap J
God Bless and if anyone has ANY questions regarding this giveaway please email or message me on FB, you can also post under THIS giveaway post if you have any questions or needs for clarification.

The first picture is of a pair of Sidewinders together (2 inch)..

The second picture here is of the Sidewinders separated, these are 2 inch SW's and a 1 inch purple SW :)

The picture below is a close up of a 2 inch Sidewinder with a SMALL pony bead enclosure at the end.

Below is a better quality picture of  one of our 2 inch SW.

  This one below is of a SW in Diva R's hair that has a chubbie at the end versus a small pony bead and i took this picture to illustrate that ONLY the small pony beads look good and fit well securing the Sidewinder hair holders. Chubbies at the end are VERY bulky and stick way out...

I had previously reviewed Sidewinders and a style that i chose to incorporate them into click here to reflect on it :)

I attempted to attach one of two Sidewinder tutorials i made BUT for some reason i am unable to upload via blog and YouTube :( Not sure whats going on but YouTube said it would take over 4 hours to upload one video and it was counting up not down!! GRR :( Not sure what to do i have three tutorial videos total i cant upload... BUT i was able to upload it to our FB admin page
So i am going to have to link to another video until i can figure it out :)

You can click here to see my tutorial and demonstration on how to put Sidewinders in the hair, but you must be a FB friend of ours to view it through this link since our content is exclusive to our members only :)
This following link is to check out Hair4myprincess and how she puts the Sidewinders in :)


Diva R's Mommy-Kim

*PS Thank you Susie from the bottom of our hearts :) We have had great experiences with you and your outstanding customer service :) Our Sidewinders arrived QUICK and there are also so many great colors and options to choose from giving us endless options to create :) Great deals also!! Thank you for being so creative and such a blessing to us :) God Bless*


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