Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lavish Curls Moisturizer 2nd Day Curl Refresher by Curls

I was HEAVILY searching high and low without missing the in-betweens for hair products for Diva R that were nut and tree free and i came across and found this product...

Lavish Curls Moisturizer 2nd Day Curl Refresher

The claim is that this product is to reactivate and moisturize curls with also being a 2nd day refresher.

Ingredients: water, glycerin, polysorbate 80, methylheptyl isostearate, silk amino acids, certified organic anthemis nobilis flower extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, certified organic camelllia sinensis leaf extract, citric acid, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, disodium EDTA, potassium sorbate, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, fragrance

Scent: Mango/Peach
Color: Clear

Consistency: Liquidy

Purchased From: Target
Well after  many days of late hour searching and weeks of store hopping in search of an ideal product to moisturize and or condition Diva R's hair to my liking via online searching, networking, shopping store to store and attempting to concoct, i had came across the Curls line.  I had seen this line before and had visited their website often but didn't know that there are multiple lines within the Curls name and local stores sell them. So after dwindling it down between Kinky Curly, Twisted Sistas, and the Lavish Curls Moisturizer i had to try the moisturizer since Kinky Curly was sold out even though i was told it wasn't before i drove to the store and Twisted Sistas want even on the shelves at target either!!. That made for a less than desirable trip made since i had called every Target local and only that one told me they had both and they were both completely in stock!! I looked up the products at the local Targets in my area linked through and All of the places that came up don't even sell this set... That's at least what the stores said that i called.

Needless to say VERY STRESSING but i was pleased with the Lavish Curls moisturizer (which the name has been changed by the company and its search-able under Quenched Curls) from its reviews i read and how it is nut and tree product free :) It was one of these lonesome 4 (below pictured) products that Target sold. The specific products that i was in search of were not even sold in these stores in my state :( So i was also looking for the Kinky Curling Custard and it was sold out also...

I was surprised to see these four products on a local store shelf! normally its that junky off brand harsh chemical filled stuff if i see any ethnic products anywhere. This is the CLOSEST to great i have seen local, so hopefully some good change is about because ordering online is a drab most of the time. These all would be great products for Diva R but all of them have something tree or nut related in them besides the Moisturizer we chose. Ive seen alot of good reviews on all of these above products and few bad.

As far as our review is concerned,
I was set out for a spray moisturizer until i got my new product in so nothing was going to change my mind on that pretty much so when i seen that these were all i had to choose from i just went with the Lavish, popped the top and tested it, it passed all of my initial tests and a little over $11.00 later we decided :)

I first noticed that the scent is real familiar and as of now we have products mostly contaning the Mango Peachy scent so it was pleasant and not overbearing to the nose. The texture didn't seem greasy or residual and it was smooth and silky to the touch without turning sticky at anytime even after hours of wear and after application.   When i used this for the first time Diva R's hair was freshly washed with our Bee Mine Botanical Wash Shampoo and nothing following so i could really test this moisturizer.

Her hair was slightly damp but mostly air dried.
Below is her hair before the product application.

This is Diva R's hair after application and with me stretching random curls to illustrate her true length when not fully wet.

 I would have to say that the immediate flaw about this product is the spritz topper (like ALL other reviews i read) the spritz top spits out the product like pellets or BB's which in our opinion isn't a great feature.  This is an easy fix though :) Just replaced the spritz top and we have our "mist" that we like now of it.  I just don't like having to spray it into my hand and then apply it, since its a SPRITZ its meant to be spritzed :) Other than that it seems to coat her hair thoroughly without using alot of it.

Below is a few random curlees that i separated from the others to show the definition that this product produced (you can see different curl forms well here that are present all through her hair :))

Id say that the texture is suitable as a moisturizer and it doesn't get sticky, or feel greasy.  It has a lasting silky feeling that is present in the hair also. I like the feel of the Lavish Curls on Divas hair, this works as a great detangler also !!! I cant say that i have seen a "crunchiness" in her hair after using the product even for days at a time between washes and during styles I've yet to see that so maybe that's hair type dependant as to if it will leave ones hair crunchy as i have seen claimed in others reviews.

Diva R LOVED the smell of it, right when i put it on for the first time she said "WOW Mommy this hair product smells GOOD it smells like Bananas! Yummy!" 

I don't get where she gets the Banana scent from lol but as long as she loves it its good by me :)

Off to bed to see how this moisturizer works over night with no previous conditioners or moisturizers.

I have experimented with this many times before posting a review on it as i do with ALL other products. the first night i did the sleep cap experiment with no conditioners her hair the next morning was soft and not too fluffy and freshly scented like a peach tree :) Id say that this moisturizer doesn't completely moisturize over night well through sleeping and all without using conditioners before hand. That's ok though because it doesn't claim to do that :) BUT id say that it does follow through to its 2nd day refresher intention's.  I would also say that based off of our experience that this is a good braid refresher and if desired to be normally used as a daily moisturizer it would have to be applied 2-3 times daily for Diva R's hair type. This works better for us as a refresher for styles already in place.

We will continue to use this with its different spray nozzle of course interchanging between using it as a moisturizer, detangler and style refresher.

This product is a good find in our household and we plan to continue using it :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Any Curls product users ?? Do you like any certain ones?


amandak23k said...

I just purhcased this product along with the curl creme brule. Haven't tried them out yet. It'd be great if you did an update on how you like it after using for awhile!!!

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

I sure will :) Ive been using it a few weeks now and so far i like it :) I dont love it but i like it :)

Simply Natural said...