Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PARTY TIME!!! Part 3 and a Side Note**

Finally the day of her party arrived!! This is something she has been looking forward to since last year! Her birthday isn't even as special to her as her party is.  So i went back and forth for so long bout what type of style i could do Diva Rs' hair in that could be suitable for Easter as well since it was the very day after her party... I had ordered a special custom bow for Diva and the style had to pretty much be created with the bow in mind.  I was thinking of a pony tail design, but then i envisioned incorporated coordinating yarn extensions into a combination cornrowed style for lack of better words.  Adding a funky different-ness to her rocking unique outfit. So i went downstairs and got white and baby blue 100% acrylic Red Heart yarn since i have bags full of it, gotta use it up somehow! I cut up a whole bunch of LONG pieces of each, long enough that i could fold each in half twice and it still be longer than Diva R's hair length.

Her hair was washed with our Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo followed by our NEW conditioner that i will not be unveiling at this time, topped off with the BM Juicy Spritz. I let it air dry for a few hours and then i re moistened it with our distilled water and added a little more Juicy Spritz. 

I parted her hair from just above the ear on her left side across to the top of her ear on the right side (ear to ear). Creating a top and bottom section to work with. I left more hair on top, purposely.  I decided then that i wanted all of her hair on the top to be designed going to the right side of her head so i could end it all in one big yarn loaded braid. I applied generous amounts of Bee Mine Curly Butter as i began cornrowing my sections that i parted as i went with my rat tail comb. I did the top half first so that i could finish the bottom half in the morning because if i did this reverse the back would be all frayed up over night. I added 5-6 LONG folded in half pieces of blue and white yarn together per EACH cornrow as i braided.

(This is looking gorgeous already!!!! Oh it just POPS with excitement, i haven't cut the yarn pieces to be in sync with each other as of this point yet :))

I'm still only using the satin pillow case over her pillow for her over night hair protection... Minus the bonnet.

Here is the finished Birthday doo without the accessories :)

(and yes i did plan on leaving the extra length on :))

In case anyone is wondering how i secured the yarn on the hair at the ends by using no rubber bands or accessories, its super simple!!! I took one of the single strands of yearn and wrapped it around the bunch of them and looped the end through the hole and lightly tightened it so that there was no play in the "loop knot/slip knot" that i created keeping them together just like a rubber band would MINUS the rubber band.
I pretty much just tied the "slip knot" right where her hair ends so that the knot is under the hair endings.

Here is the Diva getting her nails did before her party sporting her COMPLETE Birthday Style, Toodee bow and all to match her lovely special Birthday outfit :)

 Here is a close up of the bow and shoes :) The shoes were Diva R's personal pick, i was going to have a bowtique make her a custom pair of shoes but needless to say the deal we had fell through, she had me believing she was going to make these and have them ready for Diva R's party BUT at the last minute she couldn't do them... (While there were tons of other orders going out that were placed after mine.)  Upsetting, highly... SO by choice i went back to our original plan which turned out to be the best plan presented to us anyways... Because i will NEVER pay 70 plus dollars and shipping for a pair of shoes i can buy of much better guaranteed quality for 45 OTD... SMH at crooks...Diva R has been talking since September about the "Twinkle Toes" shoes and i held off getting those for her up until April because she kept stressing she wanted these because another girl had them and that is one thing that i consistently worked on with Diva because "Mommy will not buy something that you like only because someone else has it." I STRESSED for several months that we want things because we LIKE them personally, not because someone has them or wants them" So after she became in tune with that notion we were all for letting her pick out her very own pair. The catch was that they had to match her Toodee themed outfit, she agreed and these were the first ones she pointed out and they became the ones she chose :) As for the bow, it is a custom Toodee bow to match her custom shirt we got her made with her name on it with a Toodee applique above it :)

So i had based all of the accessories off of the outfit that i had originally seen on Etsy.com after days and days of searching, emailing, not being responded to being told what i want cant be done and on and on that went... Until i found a shop that had EXACTLY what i was looking for and it was customizable!! and 45.00 later for the shirt and tutu including shipping ......

Diva R is geared up!!!!! and READY to party!!!!


I seriously called the whole world it seems trying to get someone to make us a Toodee cake but had no luck at all :( Because of copyright and all that jargon that they were scared of infringing upon.... So we had to pick something else that THEY could do and out of all the ones to choose from Diva R picked a Tiana cake and I was so happy she chose this one because this was just too cute and i loved the detailing of it myself.

(Please excuse the added clip arts i added to cover her name)

This year we decided to do it at Chuck's again for many reasons... BUT this wasn't just any party at chucks, we had the most banging party at Chuck's that day!

This was Diva R and me in the ticket blaster!!!! This was the coolest experience ever! Her tutu kept catching all of the BIG prized tickets that were worth 50-200 each! So i was just picking them off of it :) We both had to wear some goggles and let me tell you, the Diva was very skeptical about this and i nearly had to step in first before she would...

I tried lifting my shirt up to catch em all in my shirt (like back in the day when my brother and i used to go to shoe carnival and get in their money machine we would pin our chin down on the neck of our shirt and lift up our purposely BIG t shirts from the bottom and just bag the cash and coupons like it was nothing LOL the employees sure didn't look forward to seeing us every time we came in LOL) BUT it didn't work for the ticket blaster it seemed as if the tickets just keep circulating around us so i caught on to grabbing them off the ceiling and we ended up getting near 3,000 just from the TB alone. 
And as usual we ended up having hundreds of tokens that we were sure wed never spend entirely so game galore!! She likes the shooting games because Daddy plays shooting games! Look how serious she is!

Here is Diva opening a present! and this just so happened to be one of the FAV ones she got, The Tangled Tower :) and it was from us :) Yay Mommy and Daddy!

Our baby girl had the best Birthday ever!!! She is still raving about it :) and her hair got MANY raves at Chuck's, where Chuck's is just happens to be in an urban mixed area so there were lots of cute styles all around BUT none were half as unique as hers!

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Side Note
**Ive seen alot of "white" girls cant do hair comments on the web, or that certain styles don't look good on "white" or "black" girls hair and my thought is....Who in the worldly form designates certain hair styles to certain color of people??? This was part of a discussion i seen online, the terminology used here is NOT my terminology I was quoting what they were saying, for those who don't know i am very ANTI racial terms and we DO NOT allow that type of talk in our house... How can a parent refer to their daughter and other little girls as B******.... I mean seriously?? Praying for these people...

Happy Hair Styling :)

FYI- If your looking to start a blog or begin on a hair journey just ASK QUESTIONS!

Hope everyone liked Divas Birthday elements as much as we did :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Diva Locks said...

I love her little outfit and everything that went into, very creative and the colors were so pretty.

You guys go all out! :)

Wow when you said B**** did you say what I think you meant like the bad word (female dog) word? A parent called their own child that? So sad.

Precious H said...

Awww Diva R's hair looked fantastic! How creative to use the yarn in her braids! And so sorry to hear about the nasty comments. You're completely right not to follow or associate with bloggers like those. Definitely don't praise their ignorance by following! And there's nothing worse than a snobby blogger! People should learn to be humble for goodness sake!


Kandy said...

VERY CREATIVE! Diva R had a blast! I want to grab tickets too! LOL You literally had her looking great from her hair to her shoes! She has great taste in shoes, Im in my 20's and I want a pair LOL!

When it comes to race, politics, and religion. I learned my lesson, people may not see eye to eye. It's best to avoid these discussions :)

Dreamer13 said...

So sorry to hear about bad bloggers :( and I totally totally agree on the race stuff. We think we are so much "farther" along in coming together as one people, disregarding race..... and then all over the place I see people making lines in the sand and calling names and drawing differences where they don't need to be. :( Are we in the stone ages, people!?! lol

I don't know the specifics of what you're talking about, but I'm sorry you got caught up in it! That kind of drama is useless and never fun. :(

Diva's party and everything looks like SOOOOO much fun! and she looks so happy!1 Great job Mom & Dad!! :D


LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Thnak you everyone :) Its mega worth it and every year more and more will go in to it :)... It is unfortunate the ignorance displayed and it is best to stay far away from them.
@Tiffany- yes that is what im talking about!!! It was so insane i almost fell out when i seen that on FB!