Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection

SOOOO this is our weekly WBW Style Reflection hair show case and i really enjoy sharing these with everyone and hope you all are liking them as well :) Diva R and her hair has changed so much over the years and i realize how much i have learned since then and believe that the transition that Diva R's hair has went through and still is going through may be of help to others searching for ways to style these ever changing curls!

This style is from September of 2010 just a month and a week after i learned how to cornrow :) I call this style  a Combination Style  it is a little bit of everything incorporated into one style and with the bright colored accents it made for a fun style for the beginning of the cold months... The hair hanging from her ponies are two strand twists ending in clips, not separated just flowing together cute and shiny :) I had no hair knowledge at all at this time so i just went with what ever flow i found interesting or from advice i received as i went... But i can tell you that i used what ever shampoo i was using for myself as well as conditioner and the Lets Jam Hair Gel for hold.

 I threw in some pink clips and some pig tails in the back and in a total of an hour this style was done :)

The below style is from October 2010 and this is a Veil with Pigtail and Bantu Knot combination doo with the inclusion of her baby hairs too as they will be here for ever i believe :)

I braided two of the end groupings of hair from the veil going into the "Pigtailed" Bantu Knots while i left the others flat for a variation :) I just parted square parts from her forehead going back and "Veiled" them into the resulting design...

This above style was also one of the first Bantu Knot styles that i ever did and i was surprised at how good it turned out I used black pony tails to hold the Knots together I chose to keep this a natural looking style so i didn't use any hair accessories and this is seriously one of her fav if not her most FAV styles i have ever done she calls it the "Triangle Hair"

FYI: Every style i show case is possible to be done on ANY hair type, hair styles are not ethnicity limited and in our curlee perspective anyhing is possible and dont let our name fool you :) Curlee are curlees and our blog is for EVERYONE!!!

Hope you enjoyed our WBW Style Reflection...

Does everyone like our WBW's?? We would like feedback please and thank you :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Diva Locks said...

Wow your two cornrows in the first pic are amazingly good for you being a newbie at the time :)

I love the second style! I want to try this on the diva, I will soon I am giving her edges a break first they are so thin (always have been) so I don't like to do too many styles that require manipulation of that are too often. But I LOVE it, so cute.

I like your WBW's personally :) I've grown acustom to expecting them :)

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Thank you Diva Locks :) My daughters hair is VERY thin too more so on the sides but definitely all through out too... Thank you for showing our WBW <3

amandak23k said...

I like your wbw styles. I love the last one, I have always liked that in your banner.