Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection

As promised my WBW post is here already! Its seems like yesterday was Wednesday :) Yay these are so fun for me because they bring back so many memories!

This is another one of my first design doos... Combination styles have always been a fav and will always be near to our heart...Half Criss Cross Cornrows with sectioned pony tails with single braids  beads and clips! Busy style and at this time i was so confident at my regular cornrowing skills that i started getting head over heels with design cornrows and this isn't the best set I've done but its darn good for only cornrowing on and off for 2 months at this time :)

Since Diva R's hair is so thin that instead of her cornrows looking like "spaghetti or Alfredo noodles" in thick ness (if you can imagine what i mean) they are always box shaped with the cornrows going down the middle... I am still overly happy with her hair and love it for how it is in its entirety :)
Its not easy to part perfectly all the time because of how thin her hair is it also takes some time to evenly sculp styles.
This pic was taken in October 2010 and it took about 2 hours :) But that should be expected since this was in my newb stages :)

Hope you enjoy and gain at least inspiration from my styles :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

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amandak23k said...

Oh very good!! I really like these criss cross cornrows!!