Monday, April 25, 2011

Diva R's Pre Birthday PART 1 :) PIC LOADED

Diva R's Pre-Birthday celebration began at school and for her 1st ever Birthday during school we decided to get some custom made cupcakes from a local bakery for her to take in and share with her friends :) Her chosen Birthday theme was Toodee from Yo Gabba Gabba this year.  I went all over the world and back trying to find a bakery that would make JUST Toodee cupcakes or ones with the individual characters on each one of them BUT for copyright reasons and my not knowing someone personally who could make these for us we went with the next best design idea and chose a group shot of the characters waving :)

These were ENORMOUS and had the sugary icing! I'm sure her classmates parents loved me after this treat :) It was a huge hit! No other kids in her class have brought in something original, and me being over the top as usual had to do one better than the rest and I'm glad we went this route because the kids are still raving about them! Diva R was so excited to share these with her friends and they were just YUMMY she said :) The kids loved how the characters were actually on them and weren't substituted with the cheap plastic junk on the cupcakes that parents usually go for at the deli already made...

Hi-5 to me :)

So for her school party Birthday doo AND professional pictures following i decided to just re-invent the previous style that i had done on the 12th click here to reflect on it :)  The alterations i made were simple and took all of 5 minutes. 

Diva got a gift bag from her teachers with ALL KINDS of goodies in it for her :)

(This pic was taken after she got home from school)

I re-did the front two cornrows making them neater and fresh again, using the Bee Mine Curly Butter as i braided. I Then merged the two pigtails on the top center of her head into one pony and re-finger curled her curlees back into her lovely ringlets. I refreshed and left the back single pony in on the lower back of her head re-fingercurling those curlees also. Here is one of Diva R's Birthday Pics so you can get a partial idea of how her hair was styled and a preview of her Birthday outfit!!

(I put an image over her name for our safety, as an FYI in case anyone was thinking that was a part of her outfit)

Since we planned on Diva being in two outfits for her pictures i chose wisely the accessories that i will be changing VERY quickly in between shoots... This is also why i chose to do such a simple style.

The very night before her actual Birth date i decided that a Braid Out would be our Bday style :) I washed and conditioned her hair as normal and used a little bit of the Lavish Curls Moisturizer followed by our Bee Mine Juicy Spritz and finger detangled her hair. Not forgetting to use the Curly Butter as i braid :) I then started sectioning away (not striving for perfect linage) and braided the individual sectioned braids tightly and rubber banded them off.

Off to bed she went :)

For a few weeks now i have been experimenting with JUST using her satin pillow case nightly as her hair protection through the night versus our normal sleep bonnet and satin pillow case dually in hopes of noting any differences and/or providing helpful information to those curious or skeptical.

Last year my husband and i wanted to try something new to add to her Birthday morning and we decided to add Bunches of balloons in her room for her to awake to them...

BUT probably because this was a first attempt and because i didn't think to READ the package like i should have the balloon's were MINI balloons! LOL We were aiming for big ones BUT it turned out being a success anyways! Diva was just THRILLED!

This is a glimpse of Diva R at this time last year on her special day :)

As for this year i decided to actually READ the balloon packages LOL and opted out of the smaller sized ones and grabbed some bigger sized latex balloons in princess colors :) and with help from the Hubby we blew up over a hundred of them and....

(This is all of them in front of her door and in the bathroom BEFORE we released them into her room)
This had to be done VERY quietly and sneakily so our surprise wasn't ruined before the morning. STILL praying that she didn't have to wake up to potty before the morning also...*_*

We got them in!!!!

AND made it through the whole night without our surprise being foiled!!! The next morning i woke up super early beyond excited with my video camera in hand and started singing happy birthday as i walked in until she woke up (mind you she HATES the birthday song for some odd reason LOL always has) and she was so happy yet shy and telling me to STOP singing that song at the same time that she didn't notice the balloons due to her hiding under the pillow until i stopped singing LOL (All the while her brother was dancing to my singing and he noticed the balloon's right away! He was in paradise and jumped off into them :))

Diva R noticed them and WENT BONKERS! "Mommy why are there balloons in my room?" IS IT MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" YAY TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY" and she started singing the Spanish happy birthday song to herself! HA like the Diva she is and we all just jumped in and started a whirl wind of balloons in every direction :) This was beyond the last years balloon morning and next year we will add a few hundred more!!!
For my son Z we will be starting off with 200 balloons for his Bday coming up in Aug :)

So what would a Diva have for breakfast for her 4th Birthday morning???

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


Kandy said...

Aww Happy Birthday! She must of had so much fun with all of those ballons!

Amber said...

Wow sounds like she had an awesome birthday so far.. I love all the balloons.. thats such a good idea..:)