Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pretty Curls Lemon Meringue Whipped Hair and Body Butter UPDATED

Big thanks to Jarrai from Pretty Curls for blessing us with the opportunity to review a product from their natural hair and body product line, we were thoughtfully sent a sample of their Hair and Body Butter.  We like to thoroughly review everything we receive so that we are able to provide  accurate and lengthy findings from our experiences and trials.  We received one sample jar of the Pretty Curls Lemon Meringue Whipped Hair and Body Butter in the 100ml size. 

Pretty Curls Lemon Meringue Hair and Body Butter

Product Description

Lemon grass infused shea butter to invigorate your curls, generously mixed with pure oils to provide that obvious slide over your hair and skin. We love the way this butter just melts into your hair giving you soft  nourished curls.


Unrefined Shea Butter, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, lemon & sweet orange fragrance.

*Before use, test me
Our products are mixed by hand and we use a lot of nut based ingredients & natural ingredients.
Although all our products are natural we highly recommend that you read the ingredient list to establish suitability of use. 

We recommend you do a patch test first before use.
Discontinue use if you have any reaction to the product.
Do not use if you have any nut or affiliated allergies.
(The above was copied and pasted from Pretty Curls) 

Our Review

Color: Beigh-ish 
Scent: Lemony/Orangey 

Texture/Consistency: Light, whipped and real creamy

 Cost: $8.07 USD per 100 ML

Upon receiving the sample i noticed that it arrived relatively quickly especially being that it was from the UK. The next thing i noticed was the apparent fragrance of the butter, this wasn't too bad coming from the container i was anxious to try it out!  So i opened the jar and looks deceived compared to the actual feel of the butter and this was impressive to me because i was expecting a butter of a harder consistency and then the coolest thing became obvious...  The hair/body butter is temperature reactive as far as pre-applicating is concerned and the picture below will help explain what i mean...

The finger scoop on the left is just as soon as i dipped my finger in the butter, note how it is very fluffed and whipped in nature.  The finger scoop on the right is of just seconds later after sitting on my finger tip, note that the butter is "sliding" off and has a liquidy under body.  This was intriguing so i had to read the specs that came enclosed on the instruction sheet and found that i could melt this butter and put it in the refrigerator as well per preference of texture and its state would easily change back and forth accordingly. Me personally i like whipped butters and have always had great experiences with SOLELY whipped butters versus any other forms of it.  So I planned to just keep it at room temperature and use it as is.

I'm very happy with the fact that as i turned the jar upside down and even as i stirred through it there were none of those yucky impurities usually found in street quality butters.  The scent had me curious at first as to how it will react with Diva R and her sensitivities as i felt it to be very strong after a while of opening the jar as we are used to mild or fragrant free formulas.
I have been reviewing this consistently for a month now and feel that that has been adequate time to properly review this Lemon Meringue Hair/Body Butter. I used this dually as a hair and body butter on varying conditions.  

I began with using this as a body butter for Diva R and the time i apply the butter was always after bath time as this seems to be the right time to put on her body creams/butters.  I found that even with applying it to her damp skin, that this is a thick type of butter and a little doesn't spread really far.  I have noted that scooping the butter into my palm and letting it sit for a few seconds helps to make it more spreadable.  I do like the feel of the butter the most it has to be my favorite aspect of it.  Her skin had a really nice glow to it without the grease or oil feeling it really did a good job keeping her dry spots moisturized and if the scent would have been toned down or more kid friendly this would have been the perfect butter for her skin. I also experimented with adding a drop of lotion to it and this really helped spread it out nicely.  The scent died down after a little while of being applied and it didn't bother Diva R so it was a goodie in her book and she loved the fruity smell as it settled in.  

I was then curious as to how it would pan out in her hair and i knew the only way i could use this as a hair butter for her was in her wet hair because of how fine it is.  It took about two finger scoops of a decent magnitude to cover the last 5 inches of her curls. I didn't opt for putting it in thoroughly because it would weigh her hair down as any other butter would.  This worked good for us and as her hair dries it looks amazing and her curls pop with excitement. On her dry hair it didn't work so good as it was clumpy but was heavy feeling. So it was clear that on her wet hair this was great and the resulting thereafter lasted well too.  Below are a few pics of her hair right after i applied the butter on her clean wet hair...

I notice shrinkage too as her hair dried which shows that this butter preforms well under wet conditions and juices the curls up as they dry which helped to retain the natural moisture. I liked that this butter is a pure and natural hair and body butter, nothing beats multi purpose products that have various attributes.  The cost is more than what i usually would pay for products of this size and i usually don't internationally shop either with shipping being so high. BUT if this were local i would buy more for sure!! I couldn't find any residuals after any use either and it seems to hold very well in styles and in her un-styled hair and locks moisture in very well.

Here are some views with using this on her dry hair as a sealer...

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God Bless

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Mama M said...

Thank you for this thorough review. Did Diva R end up liking the scent? I absolutely love lemon scents (especially lemongrass)! Also love the multipurpose products. Going over to facebook now to check out the Pretty Curls page.

Elizabeth@Different Kinds of Curls said...

Great review. Was her hair dry in the second picture?

LYGBC said...

@Elizabeth- Thank you! No not completely it was drying at that state in the above picture but by the time her hair was dried she was already sleeping and this is usually the story every night because we do nightly baths and hair washing :) When her hair dries after using this hair butter it is still very nice and bouncy in shape and has a very soft feel I'm pleased with the evident results! :)

@Mama M- Our pleasure :) Diva R does like the scent and thinks it smells "citrus-y" lol It is nice to me because I love Lemon scents as well and the smooth not sticky or hard texture was a plus as well!