Thursday, December 22, 2011

Candy Cane Pig Tails

Here is another Christmas Style and this one is completely original and from our own personal creation :) I had the idea that i wanted to do a candy cane style BUT i wasn't sure how i was going to pull this off or what i was going to use to do it. Since we are going to be moving lots of my supplies are packed away already so i had to improvise since i don't like re-buying things i already have :)

That is when the idea came to me and i didn't see anything like it online so i decided to go with the flow and this is what i came up with!

 Here is how i created this style and what i used to create it...

I began by gathering our wide tooth comb, Curly Butter, several clear rubber bands, white yarn, 4 red pipe cleaners, and 4 red pony tails.

I knew that i wanted complete candy cane replicas and i thought that creating pig tails to illustrate this would look nice. I got stopped all over asking how i did this and it is so much simpler than it looks. I began with putting red pony tails at the base of her pig tails and then took the white yarn and tied a knot around the base of her hair under the pony tail snug enough to stay in place but not super tight enough to destroy her hair at the base.  THEN i began to spiral wrap the white yarn down the rest of her pig tail and i did this in such a fashion that i was using medium tension so that you couldn't see any hair poking out in between the yarn.

This was also very proficient in making sure that when i was done i could "mold" the yarn into more of a candy cane looking form when i was done wrapping.

So i repeated this yarn wrapping on the other pig tail and then came the trickiest part of this style. I really would have preferred red yarn for the top portion but this was the item that was packed away and i sure didn't want to buy more since i have a few whole spools of it. So i opted for red pipe cleaners as these were all i had that were similar in effect.  I had to use two pipe cleaners per pig tail. I began at the base of the pig tail and tucked the ending of the pipe cleaner into and around the pony tail holder which secured it in place so that i could widely wrap and space it out spiraling downwards over the yarn creating the candy cane look. Then i added the second pipe cleaner beginning right on top of the first one and using a clear rubber band on top of it to secure it so that it wouldn't unravel.  I repeated this on the other pig tail.

I finally wrapped the pipe cleaners around the end of the wrapped pig tail and then added another clear rubber band to secure the endings of each pig tail. Then i went and "molded" the pig tails into the best candy cane shape that i could with what was provided by hand and in about 20 minutes the candy cane style was complete! I made sure not to wet her hair nor spray anything over top of the style because yarn gets yucky when wet and i sure didnt want to create a monster out of the yarn. This was a school style and a major success.

Cute, funky, simple and quick.

Merry Christmas and DON'T FORGET who Christmas is truly about JESUS NOT Santa!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Precious Henshaw said...

This looks awesome!!

LYGBC said...

Thank you Precious <3