Saturday, December 24, 2011

Magic Leverag Curls On Diva R

Ive been asked alot about my daughters hair and "how i create her ringlet curls" amongst many other variations of that questions so here is the answer as plain as i can give it to someone. I do NOT create her curls her curls are the curls she was born with and God is the creator of them. With that being said there are only a few exceptions and things i have done to "create" varying curls aside from her God given blessings.

This is the ONLY type of exception that i will make when it comes to creating variations naturally on her hair as we are opposed to heat, chemicals and permanent alterations. I have yet to venture out into the pipe cleaner or nylon curls but i was intrigued by the Curlformers set and was even more shocked that there were knock off versions of those. When i found this news out i ordered some of the knock off sets since i really didn't want to splurge and end up wasting alot of money like i have in the past.

So i went on Ebay and found some of the Magic Leverag Curlers and in case you missed the results and the experiment on myself from shortly after we got them feel free to reflect here...

So i have concluded that these are NOT damaging and proceeded to try them on my sweet daughter. Since i thought these were uncomfortable sleeping with i nearly knew she wouldn't go for it so i decided to give these a whirl in the mid day so that they would have time to "set" and i could remove them before bed.

The size that you see were the only size available when i purchased the set so aside from the real small ones which were included, the ones pictured are the biggest of the set. The set is not long enough for Diva R's hair so i had to improvise the best i could and i decided to make sure that i covered her ends and as far up as i can go with the curlers.  If your curious as to how these go on or any of those types of specific questions refer to my above linked reflection post for more detail.

I used a total of 19 curlers and i put these in with her hair being completely dry and with no use of special products. I have read tons of reviews that say that the best results come from using the curlers on dry hair without any special alterations or products.  I have found from using these on my own hair being wet and dry that the hair being wet just doesn't set well with these. So earlier in the day i had applied some curly butter and distilled water after she woke up for curl revival and detangling purposes and throughout the day her hair was un touched up until i applied these. 

I loaded these individually onto the hook and in about 10 minutes i had all 19 in place and ready to rock and roll. My sweet Diva really liked wearing these and couldn't help but shake them all about.  She LOVED these as a matter of fact and couldn't wait to see what they were going to do. I left them in for a few hours and they stayed in place very well without help or re application. 
When bed time came around this was the real test as i have heard of kids not minding these in over night as they slept.

I put her cap on and she went to bed. About 3 minutes later she was calling for me so i went in and she said she didn't want to sleep with those in her hair that they were uncomfortable. I tried a few repositioning's and took off her cap and interchanged the cap with the satin pillow case and it didn't please her so i had to take them out and below are the results of what the curls looked like after having a few hours to set in... The first picture is before i separated and tossled them...

As you can see if the curlers were longer she would have had vibrantly created curls from root to tip.

I began to play with the curls a bit and separate them to try and fill in the gaps...

Next time i will use alot more curlers and experiment with end wraps and maybe setting lotion to see if we can get some varying results.  Either way she was pleased and i think that if i would have pulled these up in a pony tail style they would have been like loose barrel curls, cute and different from her adorable sharpie size beauties.

I kind of believe if we had the curlformers we would have had better results as well, you kind of get what you pay for.

This was a fun and simple and quick experiment which we will continue to have fun with and now i am on a hunt for longer ones!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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