Sunday, December 11, 2011

Freestyle Pony Tail and Sidewinder Hair Style WithTwist Out

This style was one that i did on a whim as we had the Natural History Museum field trip with Diva R's class. My idea was to create a unique free style style which included a twist out and some Sidewinders, Lately the twist outs have been getting much better each time we do them so i decided to do a half twist out on the back 3/4th's of her hair and make a row of box pony tails going across the front. I used Shea Moisture products which i will be providing a review on shortly.


I had pony tailed the back section that i was planning on doing the twist out on and i parted out the 5 front box parts from the hair that was not pulled back into the pony tail, which i planned on rubber banding over night as loose hanging pony tails and then in the morning creating some kind of different style with some Sidewinders that kept her hair out of her face. I just let my hands go and created this interlocking braided pony tail head band hair style. The finished product reminds me of piggy back braids with a twist. I used clear and princess pink 2 inch Sidewinders and these seem to be our favorite size along side the 3 inch Sidewinders...

The three strand twists were done on her wet hair as i left them in over night to dry and form then i unraveled the twists in the morning and these pictures show the results :) I used the SM Hair Milk and SM Moisture Mist.  I had to rubber band off all of the twists for overnight protection because if i wouldn't have they wouldn't have stayed in place for more than 5 seconds. Throughout the night the twists stayed in place pretty much and didn't really frizz at all, she put on her satin bonnett after her twists air dryed a bit.

I made sure i didn't add any extra moisture or products the morning i took them out because doing so is a recipe for disaster and can ruin any hopes for a good twist out. So of course when i took the twists out they were completely dry and there were about 15 twists in total. This is when i put the Sidewinders in.

This was over all a decent twist out, the pictures never seem to do justice. This style lasted all day through her field trip and beyond, she got compliments on her hair all day.

This style took about 35 minutes total

These Sidewinders are part of an everlasting craze and if you haven't heard about these and you do not own any as of yet please stop by and check out Sidewinder Hair Holder's Online store, you get at least one free set with every order over $19.96 The more you order the more free sets you get :) Cant beat that!

On another note, Natural History Museums are truly amazing! I recommend that everyone go and spend a day at a local Natural History Museum and check out everything it is a fun and educating experience for all ages. The Planetarium is a must see!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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