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CharKoCoKur CharButter Review

We received a set of samples a short while back from Charnita CEO of CharKoCoKur who specializes in Holistic and all natural hair and body products.  Below is a glimpse of what we received.

Here is a bit about CharKoCoKur...

CharKoCoKur was founded in October 2009 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

*Pronounced Char-Co-Co-Cure, Holistic products & services covering the entire 360 degrees of mind, body, & soul

 *Products that focus on your complete temple. Mind, Body, & Soul. Natural plant based ingredients & Earth friendly. Hand Made personally with care in mind. For example: CharButter& CharOyl was developed as a multipurpose moisturizer and conditioner. I was searching for a more holistic solution to soothe eczema and moisture & seal in moisture in my hair. I was exhausted in searching for a solution to dry itchy flaking patchy eczema skin and dry breaking short hair. I decided to stop wasting money on products that only temporarily resolved the solution. I didn't wish to continue using products full of things no one can pronounce. I was done with spending money on drugs and doctor's fees. I made a decision one day to use what we were all blessed us with, I went back to the basics, super foods, plants, trees, seeds, nuts, water...normal regular things here on Earth. Adding these wonderful things with good nutrition, H2O, motion, proper rest, and better mental health = covering the entire 360 degrees of mind, body, & soul. 

Product Description 

 CharButter is a whipped Shea butter based cream. It can be used from head to toe. It is an excellent choice for a multipurpose moisturizer and conditioner for skin, hair, & nails. CharButter is a great source for adding moisture with aloe & sealing in moisture with Shea butter, coconut, castor oil, & jojoba oil. Can be a great selection for used prior to, during, & after cleansing, clarifying scalp & hair.
Also an excellent source for pedicure season especially for dry cracked heels. 

It can also be used daily use on ANY type of hair. Both wet or dry hair. It also aids in detangling. And can be used for styling. Excellent as a heat protectant for blow-drying, curling, defrizzing. The perfect aid in manicures and can be a daily hand moisturizer plus it give nails a great sheen. 

Our Review

Color: White-ish
Scent: Koconut- Was really tropical, Pina Colada- Reminded me of the drink, Chocolat- coco YUMMY!, Sweet Peas in a Blanket- Like a flower/fruit mix.
Texture/Consistency: Fluffy Yet Oily Lightweight Whipped Butter
Cost: $6.00 per 4oz, $8.00 per 8 oz, $16.00 per 16oz

In total there were 6 single use samples and specifically they were Koconut, Chokolat, Butter Khream, Pina Colada, Citrus Krush and Sweet Peas in a Blanket.

The very first thing i noticed was the strong fragrance coming from the bag before i opened it. I was curious if it was the combined smell or one specifically.  I could see that the butters were combined with oil as the two elements were separated in the containers.  

Since these butters are of multipurpose capacity i used them both in Diva R's hair and as her after bath body butter.  Butters always work best on her wet or damp hair so this is when i applied it. Once i mixed it up with my finger the combining of the oil and butter was very lightly fluffed and as it sat on my finger it would slide right off. It had a smooth and slippery texture softer than whipped frosting. The scent was a little potent and it seemed to linger around for some time after use. I could see her hair absorb the Koconut CharButter near instantly, because of the oil combo it really had a nice slip and smoothness to it and a little seemed to go a decent distance. I liked how it had such a light effect on her hair that it didn't even leave evidence of having oil in it. The next morning her hair had a strong fragrance of the Koconut in it which is a little much for us but tolerable. Her hair was soft and had a moderate amount of poof following a night of sleep.  

Here is what it looked like fully absorbed and applied to her freshly washed and conditioned hair...

Note the definition present and her curls are gleaming perfect sharpie sized springs of love and nourishment. I love the boost that they received.

I decided to use the Sweet Peas in a Blanket as body butter for Diva R and this i did with her skin being near dry but not completely.  I began applying it to her dry spots like her elbows knees and back. I liked how it spread on easily and efficiently like an oil and it even seemed to absorb into her skin the same as an oil would YET the butter was very present and added great texture.  The fragrance was beyond what we are used too and more suitable for an adult i would say. I liked mild fragrance or kid friendly scents for Diva R as her body and allergies tolerate them best.  Over all the texture was great for her skin and its moisturizing needs. I wish i had more of it to cover her whole body. The sample ran out halfway so i dipped into the Pina Colada sample and about half was left for future hair use. I liked the Pina Colada

The second trial of the CharButter on Diva R's hair had a similar result, her curls seemed to retain a good deal of bounce and sprung up a little bit as her hair was drying. I used the Butter Khream and this was my fav scent of all! These types of scents are what we usually buy and it was captivating if i do say so.  I liked the results from the first time around with using the CharButter on Diva R's hair so the second time around we used the same formulation, as all of the samples are the exact same aside from varying fragrances. I expected the same results and this time, I decided to cover her hair from root to tip and see how it does on her scalp and over all hair the next morning after using a sleep cap.  

I loved how the next morning her hair still had the Butter Khream scent! <3 This wasn't unpleasant at all and the results got better and i attribute this to using a sleep cap which helps to retain moisture over night.

I used the remaining CharButter on her skin and hair interchangeably <3

Overall we are very Thankful to Charnita for blessing us with these samples to try and review. My favorite aspect of the Charbutter is the texture. My least favorite aspect is the strong fragrances.  I would for sure purchase this butter and i would love to try out more of CharKoCoKur's products. Diva R liked how soft and light the butter was in her hair and liked how it made her skin feel silky smooth. Thank you Charnita for this blessed experience and opportunity.

Feel free to stop by CharKoCoKur's FaceBook Page or send an email inquiry to
and see for yourself. She also has other product types to choose from. If you do please mention LYGBC <3 God Bless.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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