Monday, December 19, 2011

Pig Tail Bubble Braids-Princess Jasmine Inspired

I have been seeing this pig tail puff craze lately or bubble braids which ever you choose to call them. I have done styles like this a while back and didn't think much of posting them so since then i figured hey why not bring them out again.

If you can recall the Disney Princess Jasmine's hair style you will recognize this style i created from that one only i created the bubble braids in pig tail form versus Jasmine's single bubble braid.

I gathered our distilled water spritz and Bee Mine Curly Butter alongside the Tangle Teezer and began...

So i started on her dry hair as i figured it would provide the best bubble like results since my Diva has thinner hair. I lightly spritzed her hair with some distilled water enough so that the fly-aways were tamed and the areas close to her roots were coated. This helps when smoothing out the hair.  I then parted straight down the middle and created two separate sections then dabbed some Curly Butter in as i constructed pig tails.

I simply went down about 2 inches on the pig tail give or take and added another rubber band and as i was doing this i puffed the hair upwards just a tad so that the bubble was created. I did this a few more times and had a fully constructed bubble braid, i repeated these steps for the other side and in about 10 minutes our pig tail bubble braid style was complete and POPPIN with cuteness and uniqueness.

 I think this is suitable for any casual or fun occasion and is possible on all hair types and cute enough for girls of all ages.

The side view gives you an idea of how this style gives the eye a 3D effect.

Always at it with our simple and quick styles <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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this is cute and looks easy enough.I