Monday, December 19, 2011

Reindeer Christmas Hair Style and Sock Bun Tutorial

I am sooo backed up on styles so i am trying to hurry and present these Christmas ones before i get to the rest and this one in particular i had seen over at Princess Piggies. Lately i have been searching for new style ideas and since my daughters hair is more easily done now that its longer and maintained well i can venture out into styles i wasn't able to do years ago.

This version of the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is what i would like to consider our Curly Version of the one we seen. Below are the constructed Reindeer pieces that form the whole Reindeer face alongside the rolled sock which completes the nose/face.

In total i gathered...
-5 bobby pins (any type of bobby pins will work)
-Red puff ball/pom pom (found in all craft isles)
-2 brown pipe cleaners
-1 small section of a random piece of cardboard box that i had laying around that happened to be white for the eyes.
-Hot glue (if your doing this style like i did i suggest using only super glue or hot glue as the eyes will not stay together if you use different glue or adhesive)
-2 elastic bands/pony tails
-1 rubber band
-Rolled sock
-Tangle Teezer
-Fine tooth comb
*Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer
*Shea Moisture Mist

It seems like alot but really its not and this style is very easy to create and you do not need any special type of skill to do so. You just need two hands :) I will begin with instructing on how to create a rolled sock for the sock bun portion of this style.

So many people have questions about how to do this without having to buy a pre-formed mold and its easy peasy.

*First you begin with a sock that you do not plan on wearing on your foot again. You have to have a pre planned idea of how big you want the rolled sock to be before you begin. For example if your daughter has long hair you would want a bigger formed rolled sock. If your daughter has shorter hair you would want to create a smaller in diameter rolled sock.  For thin or smaller rolled socks you can begin with dress socks or slacks and work your way up thickness wise depending on your preference, for lots of hair or long hair you could try beginning with cotton socks or thicker type winter socks. So since my daughter has somewhat longer hair i opted for a warm fuzzy sock that is THICK and typically worn in cold climates. These types of socks roll BIG. See below the type of sock i used.

 I have the sock pictured above AFTER its been cut to my desired length and its comparison alongside the sharpie is to illustrate the size of the sock after being cut. The sock was originally a women's sock which was for size 8-10.

*Secondly, i cut the toe off and about 2 inches beyond the toe leaving the mid sole of the sock left and the full length of the ankle/leg portion.

*Thirdly, i cut about 4 inches off of the leg portion of the sock leaving about 6 inches worth of sock give or take.

THEN the sock was ready to roll into a bun... See below the fashion that i chose to roll the sock into.

 I began rolling one side a few times into itself and then stopped in the middle and began rolling the opposite end of the sock in towards the center until the centers met...

 Then i simply folded the two sides together creating this doughnut!

I like doing it this way so that there are no loose ends or ankle parts or ends sticking out of the rolled sock. Some people like to begin rolling the sock from one side until it cant roll anymore and that is fine too just make sure that there is NO ankle part left on the sock nor frayed edges because the sock bun can completely bubble out or be defective if done sloppy or improperly. If you do either method on a new sock your chances of having issues are slim to none but older socks can propose challenges.

So here is how you put the rolled sock into the hair... Begin with a regular tight pony tail (not so tight that you stress the hair)...

 Then you slip the rolled sock onto the pony tail as if you were going to put another pony tail on to the hair...See below...

 As you can see how i have hair separated on top and bottom of the rolled sock above i began there and i spread the two sections out amongst the rolled sock so that her hair was evenly covering the sock mold. I then put an elastic band around the hair and mold and her hair then formed the sock bun appearance.

Then comes the fine tuning of the sock bun... I use a fine tooth comb for this part because i like to make sure the sock bun is somewhat perfect and tighter i smoothed the hair that is around the sock mold out nicely down into the underneath part of the sock mold so that you do not see any part of the sock showing through.  I then tucked the remaining curls under the bun with my fingers and it was just that quick and easy. I applied the second elastic band for extra security and fine tuning.  I will explain at the second part of this post about another method of maintaining the loose hairs around the sock bun.

THE REINDEER creation! Take a look at the picture first and then i will explain...

This set of pics are from the first run through of creating this style. I began with creating a simple regular pony tail and i applied some Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer to her WET hair prior too creating the pony tail.  As i was doing the pony tail i applied some more Luscious to her edges to help slick the hairs back and create a smoother look. I then created the sock bun as i mentioned above.

Now, the pieces that i pictured above that make up the Reindeer face are self explanatory pretty much. I freestyled the eyes by cutting 4 circles out of the card board and gluing one bobby pin between two card board circles per eye formation so that the bobby pin is "sandwiched" between for security. Then i drew the eyeballs on with the sharpie. For the red puff ball i just slid the bobby pin through the center of the ball, no glue needed.  If you need the antlers broken down i will gladly explain if you leave a comment below.

I just stuck all the pieces in place and no force was needed at all. (nor would i do anything that requires force.)

 Isn't the completed style cute as a button??? I'm telling you this was a huge hit everywhere we went! I could not believe the raves we got from this. People of all ages from children to great grandparents everyone LOVES this cute and festive style! It stayed in place all day too not a need in the world for touch ups.

 Here is the front view <3

 Now here is part 2... I had to do this style again because the reviews were out of sight and my sweet Diva requested it again.  This time around i did the same exact thing as above besides the method that i chose to tuck in the surrounding hair around the sock bun.  I didn't think i could twist the remaining hair around the bun forming rows of rolled twists but i was able to pull it off!

 If you look at the set of pictures below you will see the rolled twists around the sock bun instead of the hair being tucked completely under the bun. This in my opinion gives it a more 3D look. I was shocked that this worked! Its not that easy to do this on curly hair as it is straighter hair types. With the help of a few more bobby pins i was able to pull this off to a T and it turned out super cute. 

 I made the antlers a little taller as well as thicker at the bottom so they would stay in place firmly through dress up times and rough play at school.

 My sweetheart loves her hair and asks me all the time how i am going to style her hair along with requests from her and new ideas! I am addicted to taking proper care and styling my sweet daughters hair <3

All in all this style took about 20 minutes... More proof that hairstyles can be done on all hair types no matter the type.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


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i love it. this is so cute. i may try it on me'ana

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hahahahaha this is adorable!

LYGBC said...

Thank you Brittany and Shay! Were always doing something new and fun <3

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At the risk of sounding like an did you do the antlers?