Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Freestyle Bantu Knot and Cornrow Style

The day of the week came along which is one of the days that the kids look forward to each week. Playtime at Gymboree!!! So with this being said i knew i had to do something functional, cute, durable and easily changeable/fixable.  Its inevitable that when ever we go there her hair seems to be tested LOL

So since i haven't done Bantu Knots in a bit i figured that i would incorporate them into our desired style idea. Her hair was freshly washed and conditioned prior to styling so i let her hair dry for about 15 minutes before beginning, allowing her curls to dry a bit yet still remaining damp. 

I gathered our distilled water spritz, Curly Butter and Shea Moisture Mist along side our plastic rat tail comb, wide tooth comb, rubber bands, and pony tails.  I began by spritzing her hair with the Shea Moisture Mist generously from root to tip and then i started parting out the top 4 square shaped sections.

I applied some curly butter to each section as i parted and rubber banded and pony tailed those 4 sections off individually to keep them out of the way so i can work on the back.  Then i parted two sections on the right side of her head, applied Curly Butter and made two cornrows in an angled fashion going downwards. I rubber banded those off at the ends and then repeated for the opposing side of the back section, creating a total of 4 cornrows evenly on the sides of her head.

The hair left in the middle i decided to split in two sections, an upper and a lower, then i applied some Curly Butter and pony tailed each off individually. Now i have a total of 6 parted box parts which i then braided each boxed section individually into one big braid and constructed a Bantu Knot from each. 

I secured each knot with a single rubber band and a pony tail per each section. They were coiled tightly around themselves so that the braids would stay wrapped in place. Then i rubber banded the 4 hanging braids together underneath the last Bantu Knot in the back creating a pony tail.

I topped it off with a few sprays of our Shea Moisture Mist to add some shine and a final layer of moisture.

I just combed her remaining baby hairs downwards and they stayed in place as is nice and neat <3

This style was completed in 45 minutes and i was able to keep this style in for a few days with minor changes. It was a huge hit as we got to Gymboree, everyone always loves her hair styles and another great thing is that they let me promote my blog there as well. This style got many looks all day long.

Even though its cold here we still manage to keep the bright summery colors alive and well all year round emphasizing summers never ending spirit.  Who says that you have to wear dark and warm colors for fall?

God Bless.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Precious @ said...

This is such a cute style! Love the colors!

KeeKeeAllNatural said...

Nice! Diva R's hair looks so cute. I like how the Bantu Knots look like she is wearing a crown from the back & her cornrows are so neat. What I also like is that it will not take long to take her hair down when it gets old. I may try it with Be'. I will post pictures to show you how everything turned out. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day ;-)

LYGBC said...

Thank you Precious and Kee Kee <3 Ive grown to be in love with Bantu Knots and combination style that i can easily take down and change and keep so versatile that they are always fun and new <3