Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Proclaim Rubber Band (Clear) Review

These are the rubber bands that are "specifically" made for hair styling and braiding that lots of people have been raving about. For some time now i have tried the Proclaim bands at various points for various styles and have tried the colored ones as well as these clear ones pictured. I decided that it was time to review the bands so that i can give some insight on them for those interested in buying these and those who have or have had these.

Here is what the rubber bands look like up close...

These are the transparent "non-breakable" hair bands.

Product Description
  • Extremely flexible

  • Soft and gentle

  • Will not break hair

  • Will not snag

  • Easy to remove

  • Proclaim Professional Braiding Rubber Bands helps to braid hair, keeping braids tight and neat.

    Proclaim Professional Braiding Rubber Bands won't snag or pull on hair and won't cause breakage. Soft and flexible for easy use when styling.

    Our Review

    Color: Clear
    Texture/Consistency: Glossy and smooth
    Cost: $1.19 per 250 count (at Sally Beauty)

    Ok so we have used this for cumulatively several months over the last few years and have been bought mainly for curiosity purposes, convenience, and for certain style ideas.  We have put these to many tests and have used them enough to provide a thorough review.  I have seen good and bad reviews on these all over the web and found it interesting how many people prefer and recommend these. See below this picture of the maximum length that these rubber bands can be stretched to... I decided to show the length beside a wide tooth comb so you can get the general idea of its stretching capacity.

    One may think that this is generous by looking at the picture.  I will begin by saying that in my opinion these rubber bands are fair priced and since I'm a beauty club member at Sally's i got these for .99 cents for the 250 count pack so i felt either way i couldn't complain. This clear pack of rubber bands i bought particularly for some of the wacky hair day, holiday styles which required "concealing" of the band colors. 

    I can say that i was really counting on these bands to hold up especially when i used them for beading and when constructing a style that i didn't want to move out of place.  I am displeased at the fact that these snap at a drop of a dime, not only do these not function 100% like regular rubber bands used in hair but i found that they are not reliable to use when using beads, fellow accessories or for securing either.  It didn't matter whether i chose to use products alongside using these bands or not these snapped each and every time applied. When i was trying to use these as pony tails i found that their wrapping power is very minimal and in fact lots of times they snapped in mid wrapping.  I began to double wrap the bands using two bands and they STILL broke.

    I can believe the non-damaging to hair claim because of the slip they provide grip-wise BUT with one easy tug on the hair or snagging on clothing these can snap right out of place and will undoubtedly lose any beads regardless of tension applied.  Most of the time i couldn't even get to finish the style i was working on before they started snapping. I couldn't even wrap one of these rubber bands around my hair twice without it snapping seconds later. I can say that i had the same problem with the brown, black, colored and clear proclaim bands separately as well. They couldn't withhold any test and i sure couldn't depend on these at all to last at all.

    I'm unsure as to what the hype is all about with these as i am positive that these are terrible in performance and endurance and are partly un-true in the claim that is made.  I will not make the mistake of buying these in the future regardless of convenience.

    Diva R's Mommy-Kim


    CurlyGirly B's Mommy said...

    We have these too and I don't use them for the exact reasons you stated! What clear bands do you recommend?

    melissar said...

    yep i never use them i only use the colored ones . i wish you could just buy all pink but even the pink ones are made as good as the rest of the colors.

    LYGBC said...

    Well I unfortunately have yet to find the perfect clear bands aside from the orthodontic bands. Those work the best for us but are not suitable for thick pony tailing, they are usually best when securing beads or ends of hair or box braids. I am on a hunt for the best :)