Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fancy Twist Style Half up Half Down For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving flew so fast passed us with how busy we have been lately that i am finally able to catch up on some hair styles and some other things.  I wanted to try out some new elegant looking easy yet fancy styles for the holiday season. I had wanted to create a sort of decorative twist style half up-do with her flowing natural curls incorporated too as well as one of her newest bows form one of our fav shops Cherished Custom Creations by Rebecca Lopez. This interchangeable bottle cap bow in Thanksgiving theme was one of several bows we have won in auctions lately.

So I began on her dry hair and since i decided to begin styling right after she woke up and i had to get out the distilled water spritz and coat her hair generously as i finger detangled her hair. It didn't need much but there were a few stubborn spots.  After that i parted a slanted part going to the back of her head which divided the front section in two parts.  Then i applied some Darcys Botanicals Curl Styling Cream and finger combed this in until it was evenly distributed. I just let her baby hairs do their thing :)

I began by flat twisting or "rolling" the left frontal section of her hair while gathering the hair underneath it as i was rolling the hair inside itself. I did this until i reached the back of her head near center, i repeated this on the right side and then pony tailed the left and right sections together in the back center of her head. Right on top of the pony tail is where i put her Turkey bow.

Then i had the middle section and a bit of each side sections of hair hanging freely, I left these curls as is and just twirled in some Curls Lavish Moisturizer spray and Darcys Botanicals Cherry Nectar Oil mixed for shine, moisture and definition. Below is a side view of what the twist looks like going into the pony tail.

The Turkey Bow and back view. I think this style is perfect for any occasion whether it be formal or casual or somewhere in between.  Another great aspect of this style was that it was created simply and quickly all in 15 minutes and we were ready to spend Thanksgiving with our families.

                                                                       Other side view.

                                                                           Back view.

We had a blessed Thanksgiving and we hope everyone else did as well. God Bless and remember who is responsible for the up coming season and it is NOT Santa!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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