Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve Hairstyle

Well Christmas came and went as we are so busy through the holidays my idea to style Diva R's hair was to style it in a fashion that i could change it up between a few days while still maintaining the same blue print style.

This style is very self explanatory so i will spare the detail :) I call this style a pony tail and cornrow style with finger curls.  This is my sweet Diva R on Christmas Eve :)

Here is a back/side view of the style. As you can see i parted 16 squares from the beginning of her hair line in the front until nearly the whole back of her head. Then i parted 4 cornrows at the very nape of her neck. I left this style neutral looking and didn't jazz it up with any accessories as my plan was to achieve an elegant yet natural look. 

I used our distilled water spritz, Bee Mine Curly Butter and Shea Moisture Spritz and used them respectively. These curls displayed are her NATURAL curls and as the day went they sprung up slightly more and more and i did not use anything but my finger to amplify her already in place ringlet curls. I found that some parts of her hair doesn't like to curl uniformly with the surrounding curls. I keep finding different texture curls and reverse patterns of curls all throughout her hair, this may be challenging at times to tame just right for some looks and within styles like this i find that sometimes making several or a few finger curls in one pony tail or grouping's this helps to keep the pattern flowing <3

I love styles like this because they are versatile, suitable for any occasion and can be a unisex hairstyle with minor tweaks as well as them being simple and quick.

I went with symmetrical parts this time and as i went i formulated the following days changes that i planned on doing so that it was more jazzed up for Christmas Day <3

Here is the back view of the style and you can see the cornrows underneath her curls...

 All in all this style took about 35 minutes.

The rubber bands i use and LOVE now are these pictured below... I bought them at the local beauty supply store and have noticed over time they changed brands so the last few times i bought some they were ok but snapped often as well it was hit or miss. These rubber bands are great and have withheld all tests and have not damaged her hair at all and in fact they are very giving on her hair and have yet to snap <3

Stay Tuned for the next two switch ups of this style...

God Bless and a Happy New Year to all!!!!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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