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Announcing Our 8th Annual Hair Show... Introducing Keyative Styles: Keyanna and Toni

 Welcome to our 8th Annual Hair Show featuring Toni and Keyanna from Keyative Styles!!!!! This is an honor for us to feature the famous Toni and Key! We had the opportunity to interview them so see what they had to say and show some love!

Please introduce yourself and your lovely Diva... Does your Diva have any special hobbies, interests or participate in any activities that she is partial to? Anything she doesn't care for much?

My name is Toni and I have am the proud momma to a 6 year old little girl named Keyanna. Keyanna is mixed with Italian, African American, and Native American. She is very outgoing, she loves to make people laugh and loves to be the center of attention. Ever since she was a baby she has loved music and dancing. She plays the keyboard, some guitar, and is hoping Santa will bring her a drum set this year! Her dream is to be on Disney’s Shake It Up one day. Keyanna is also enrolled in a local gymnastics program and loves it, and she plans on joining the basketball team soon. 

Do you have a specific hair regime which you follow for your daughter? Do you have one for yourself? Please detail.
We try to stick to a hair routine but it changes a lot, because our schedules are so busy. Currently, on unstyled hair, I try to Co-wash her hair every other night, and shampoo/deep condition once a week. Every morning I spray and detangle Keyanna’s hair with a moisturizer/conditioner mix, and again at night on days we don’t wash. If her hair is in braids or twists I simply spray with our conditioner mix 2x a day and do a co-wash every 3-4 days. She also sleeps with a satin bonnet to protect her hair at night. 
What are some of your favorite products, hair tools, accessories and other pertinent hair items? 
OK, so first let me start off by saying I am a total “product Junkie”. Lol. With that being said, some of our all time favorite products are Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer, Bee Mine Curly Butter, Bruce’s Babes Hair & Body Butter, Bruce’s Babes Shake ‘N Shampoo, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and DevaCurl No-poo, and Pooka Pure and Simple Nectar Hair Oil. Our Favorite accessories? Key is a major girly-girl, she loves bows, beads, barrettes, and her Sidewinders.
As far as tools go we really just use a basic Conair brush, and a rat tail comb. 

Looking back to the beginning of your daughters hair journey what could you say that you've learned that got you to the point that you’re at now with what you do/use and how you do/use it to properly care for your daughters hair?

In the beginning of our hair journey I used products on my daughters hair that did more damage than good, Incorporating natural products into our hair routine has helped a lot.. Her hair is much healthier and so much easier to work with. 

Are there any products in your product hall of shame? Any that you do not recommend?
A few summers ago I had heard good things about Cantu Shea Butter, so we decided to try it... Total fail on Keyanna’s hair. It dried her hair out horribly. I put that one in the cabinet of shame. Everyones hair is different, what worked for others didn’t work for us, but that doesn’t mean it wont work for you. Just experiment with trying new products until you find “the one”. 

Is there any styling method or technique that you have yet to master? Anything new brewing for the future?

I can not for the life of me do a flat rope twist, or 3 strand twists. But I do have a few idea’s brewing for future styles you’ll have to wait to see those.

Have you came across any road blocks along Key's hair journey? Please detail...

I guess really the only road block we have hit is dealing with my perfectionism. I would start on a style and if the parts weren’t exactly right, or if it wasn’t turning out how I pictured it I would just take it all down. Now I don’t worry about any of that.. Even if things don’t look right while I’m braiding, by the time I finish the style I am always happy with it.
What is your definition of natural hair? Where do you base it from?

I define natural hair as the hair that grows out of your head. Hair that hasn’t been chemically altered in any way. 

What are your favorite styles to create?  What are some of Keys favorites? How long do you usually spend doing hair each time?

My favorite styles to do on Key are unique ones, styles that you really don’t see anybody else rockin’. I love to get creative and use her hair as an outlet for that. Lol. Key’s favorites are cornrowed hearts, braided Mohawks, and pretty much anything with beads.. She loves to swing ‘em!
We usually don’t spend more than 45 minutes doing hair, MOST of our styles we keep it pretty simple. But for the more creative styles we sometimes spend 2 hours or more. The longest style we have done was mini braids and we did it over a 2-3 day period.
How does Key feel about her hair? What are some things that YOU feel are important for her to know as she builds her own thoughts and feelings about her hair?

Please describe hair time with your daughter... Does she like to help? What do you allow her to do? What are some of her favorite activities to do while sitting?

Keyanna loves to help during hair time. She usually will put the beads on the beader for me, hand me barrettes, or put the curlformers on the rod for me if we are using those. I also put a movie or her favorite show on to keep her busy, she plays her Leapster Explorer, or we just talk. 

Any suggestions for making hair time an easier or smoother experience for others with children?
Make it fun for them, get them involved, and take breaks when they ask. If their bored and stuck sitting for hours at a time it might start to seem more like a punishment to them, and they will definitely start putting up a fight when its hair time.

By asking your Diva Key what she likes most about her hair what does she say? What is her reasoning?

“I like that it’s long, and you can do lots of pretty things with it. I like to always show my friends at school when you braid it for me.” -Key

Are you a self taught artist or were there means of which helped guide you in learning how to care for and style your daughters hair?

I started doing Keyanna’s hair in January 2009, and for the first year I learned everything through trial and error. Then I started coming across hair blogs, and am still learning and finding inspiration through them everyday, as well as through some awesome braiders on my face book page!

Please share some things about yourself that aren’t mentioned above, likes/dislikes, hobbies, interests, fun facts, what sparked your interest in natural hair… ETC

Well, I just recently built up enough confidence to start braiding other peoples hair (other than key’s) lol. I am considering going to school for hair design and making a career of this.
Rep your blog and social networks! Where can people see more of your amazing artwork?
You can check out our styles, along with instructions and fav products on the blog @

Keep up with us on our 

Twitter: @KeyativeStyles

Thank you Toni for participating in our Hair Show and for showcasing the lovely Key and her glowing attributes! From the beginning of times Ive been inspired by your creativity and have been you-tubing for as long as i can remember and it has been such a blessing to get to know you and be a part of your community as you are mine.  Key is a super star Diva and is always wearing the most gorgeous styles that bling with love and great care.  I am a HUGE fan and am always looking forward to new styles from you and I never cease to be amazed by each one :) Not to mention your blog and social networks! <3 IT! One God Bless and keep doing your thing! One thing i have learned from you is that any style can be created on finer hair types like my daughters and that styling is limitless as well as achievable in any degree!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


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