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Diva R's Hair Growth Timeline

Due to popular request i have created a time line of my Diva R's hair growth and journey.  Since my computer crashed a while back i only have baby pics and such on discs in boxes so the earliest picture i could find of the Diva is when she was about 2 months old so i began there and concluded the timeline at our present state which Diva R is now 4 1/2 years old :)

 Not only did i want to highlight her growth but i also wanted to highlight her hair changes throughout her 4 1/2 years as well.  I will begin by saying that when Diva R was born she had about an inch and a half's worth of jet black straight hair all around her head, her hair was as soft as pure silk and didn't have much texture to it at all.  I seriously was unable to do anything with her hair at this state because everything would slip out from rubber bands-clips so i just used a baby brush and kept it neat, clean and natural.

From top to bottom...
Pic 1- Baby Diva R at just about 2 months old rocking her jet black tiny all over the place curls
Pic 2- My big girl at 1 year old with her curls that nearly vanished and only reappeared when wet which also turned from being jet black to having a red tone and brown throughout being about 3-4 inches long
Pic 3- My still drinking buh-buh girl @ 16 and a half months with her curls that came back! Her hair was probably about 4-5 inches long and the curls were present with no need for being wet and it seemed like her hair was transitioning to brown.
Pic 4- My big girl Diva is 2 and has her definite curl pattern throughout which i believed would stay as it was and clearly her hair has turned brown with highlights of red and no more black was present, this is the age where her hair began to hold pretties in it and became easier to style at 4-5 inches long and growing!
I could not believe how much her hair has changed in the first two years of her life! At that time period i didn't use any special products i used products which i thought would be good per recommendation and per shelf appeal such as Johnson and Johnson, Just Like Me, Dark and Lovely for Kids, Organic's for Kids, Sofnfree, Soft Sheen-Carson, and Creme of Nature. Her hair never fell out and grew back differently or anything of that nature it just curled up when it wanted to and laid near straight randomly. Her curls went in every which and way and were of all shapes sizes and density throughout. 

So as she got bigger i was told by random people that her hair was going to get real coarse and real kinky, hard to manage and yada yada. So over the next year and a half i was closely observing her hair and doubted it would drastically change like that and as you can see below....
From top to bottom...

Pic 1- Sweet curly top 2 years old and 3 months at the beach with her full head of soft ringlet brown curls which are about 7 inches long and perfectly rounded.
Pic 2- Diva R at 2 years at 8 months old her hair seemed like it really hit a growth spurt over the last few months. Her texture hasn't changed yet it is still super silky and curly as ever. Hair color still brown with infusions of red all NATURALLY given by God.
Pic 3- My Diva turned 3 and had a texture change! Her hair became slightly coarser and required much more care and moisture. Her curls were still ringlet in shape and bouncy in nature, her hair stayed brownish with red but her hair began to poof out more and enter the type 3 pattern/texture. The length was about 9-10 inches.
Pic 4- At 3 1/2 years since we started using natural products around age 3 her hair started growing and growing and her curls were more uniform then and i could do nearly anything with her hair besides twists since they wouldn't hold. (she is laying down in the pic so her hair is hanging off to the side.)


During that period i noticed a heaping amount of growth and i cold firmly root for natural products because by using this i was able to give her hair that extra moisture and maintain her natural health so that styling was easier and her hair wouldn't tangle as easily as if i didn't use anything or were still using the bad products. She had loose curls that were probably as wide as a thumb or just bigger than a sharpie.

Here is the latest time line which shows how much my sweet Diva's hair journey has grown and came along. I began doing length checks around this time and was able to note better difference than with the prior measuring by inches.  We have still steadily been using natural/organic products since around age 3-3 1/2 and now here are the growth checks from age 1 month shy of being 4- just over 4 1/2.

From top to bottom...

Pic 1- The Diva is almost 4 and up until this point she has only got two hair trims (very tiny trims) and there hasn't been much change with her hair, i have learned how to do many styles on her hair and its evident that her curls are choosing to begin at about 4-5 inches passed her follicles. Her length is a few inches below her
Pic 2- By now her hair is at mid-upper arm level at 4 years 1 month old and per product type depends on how much her hair will shrink as it dries from being washed. Her curls never used to shrink up at all, during this time is when i noticed her curls getting more springy.
Pic 3- This was taken as her hair was freshly washed conditioned and lavished with Cocoa Curlz products, my Diva was 4 years and 3 months old and her hair was in its wet state. It was still around the same length as the previous picture and her hair will not stay "down" and in place without certain product/texture combinations. 
Pic 4- Currently my Diva is just over 4 1/2 years old and her hair has grown to elbow length when stretched or wet! We've been getting asked lately about her growth and how fast her hair is growing and how healthy it is and i can proudly say that this was achieved naturally, the long and hard way, after having many hang ups, trials, errors and bad experiences which we have overcome.
No hurdle was too big for me to climb in efforts resulting in nothing short of success.  She loves how long her hair has grown and tells me all the time "Mommy i love how you do my hair! I love you, your the best mommy ever". This humble journey has turned into an amazing bonding time for mommy and daughter and is always fun and now she takes part in hair time and is very prideful :)

 At this stage we are at we both are 100 percent satisfied and pleased with our current status and accomplishments. This was a long and somewhat bumpy journey thus far yet its had many more cherished moments and not near over ^_^. We had plenty ups and some downs but i never gave up and over time the Diva became very acclimated and loving of her natural beauty.  I still use completely organic and natural products from lines such as Bee Mine, Darcys Botanicals, Original Moxie, Cocoa Curlz, and also Mixed Chicks from time to time which isn't all natural.

Her hair is down to her elbows when wet or stretched out and this is after she got her hair cut about 2 months ago. I got about an inch trimmed off of her hair which i feel she needed desperitely because of bead usage, making that the third trim she has gotten. But the stylist was raving over the health of her hair and said that it really didn't even need a trim but for my own peace of mind i got it done anyways so we can be sure as well as promote better and healthier growth.  

This present day, Diva R's hair consists of her ever growing partially ringlet curls, brown in nature with red hints throughout (just like mine) softer than coarse by feel and her hair texture is very comparable to mine, with me being 100% caucasian.  Her hair is very prone to knots, tangles, dryness and being stubborn in the stage its at but i do see a possibility for another change as she gets older. This is all still very manageable to me and i have never lost ability to manage and maintain her natural curls. We don't have what one would call "bad hair days" as we don't believe in such. The weather where we live is extreme and strangely enough the Diva doesn't have changing hair needs per climate change.

I like butters/butter consistency moisturizers best in her hair, when accompanied with oils they are great as well and help to establish and seal moisture in.

If there is anything else that anyone would like to have more specifics on please comment below and i will answer all comments <3

Here is our time line and i will add to this as the months/years pass...

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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