Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Hair Style! Skeleton Frenzy Plus Diva R and Little Bro Z's Costumes

Happy belated Halloween from us <3 We have been beyond busy getting ready to move YAY So this is something that can be thought about for next years Halloween Hair Style, I call this one Skeleton Frenzy.  I had got the idea of using the Skeletons after seeing a Halloween style over at Princess Piggies


The skeletons i used i bought from Walmart in the Halloween goodie bag section and they came in sets of 4 for 1.00. I bought two bags which gave me 8 skeleton straws which i had planned on sliding the skeletons off and using just the two piece skeleton bodies.

First i had split her hair in two even sections by making a straight part from ear to ear. I was spritzing our distilled water throughout as i went and since her hair was detangled prior too, this was smooth sailing. I applied thoroughly our Mixed Chicks leave In Conditioner, finger combing it in. After i did that i split the two even sections into 4 parts on the top section and three parts on the bottom section creating 7 triangular parts which i radiated outwards towards the crown of her head. I then applied some Bee Mine Curly Butter to each section as i parted out three even parts of each section.

I piggy tailed the top box part and slid the upper body of the skeleton on using a beader and then piggy backed a second rubber band under neath the body creating a unity with the first and second parted box. At that point the upper body is secured in place and has the ability to move around a bit to create the dancing like element. THEN i slid the bottom half of the skeleton body onto the hair hanging from the first and second box and piggy back rubber banded a third rubber band on to secure the bottom half in place and wah-lah i repeated this for each section.  I spritzed a few mists of some Bee Mine Juicy Spritz and then decided that i was going to do something different with the remaining 7 sections of free hair. 

 I began at the front of her head and i started by grabbing the left grouping of free hair and rolled it just like i would doing flat rolling twists and as i reached the second section i twisted it in and moved on to the 3rd and 4th until i was at the middle of the back of her head. I repeated this to the front right side of her head "rolling" backwards until i reached the middle back section of her hair where i then pony tailed the rolled groupings together.

This idea turned into a resulting halo or crown finishing touch to her skeleton frenzy which we have yet to have experimented with ! Yay for accidental amazing style additions... (BTW the skeletons arms and legs move as well)

This style took about 2 hours from beginning to end as i was striving for uniform parts.

This style was a huge success at school and the kids as well as parents and teachers were awestruck <3 Her teachers told me i should open a shop.  This was in celebration of her Halloween party and i wanted to do something over the top yet fun and cute and her friends really adored her hair the boys even liked it <3 <3

My only concern for this style was that i used some new rubber bands along side some of our usual ones and i wasn't sure how they would hold up against being in place and being used along side organic products... I will be reviewing the clear proclaim bands soon and will detail how they held up and what we think about them...

Now onto Halloween night!

This year we wanted the kids to dress up in something that would match but be different and we believe in letting them choose their costumes as well so we had to meet somewhere in the middle and agree on something as a whole.  Diva R wanted to be Candyland princess but no where locally sold it in her size so she tried on a few princess costumes and she just didn't care for them much. Then i got the idea that Little Bro Z try on a Batman costume and he LOVED it as soon as he seen himself in the mirror he didn't want to take it off! So i went back down the isles and to my surprise there were a few Batgirl costumes in Diva R's size!
So we asked her if she would like to try on Batgirl and she was excited so off to the dressing room we went and she came out and immediately wanted it! No questions asked she wanted to be Batgirl so 35 Dollars (thanks to our given discount) later we had two complete costumes and they were so super cute!

Here is Diva R ready to Trick or Treat!!!

Here are both kiddies and Daddy about to have fun at the local Mall's event! I must say these were great and the kids retired them after Halloween into now being Dress up Costumes <3 I don't even want to get into how much candy they got (EEEK) I'M so not a candy eater so Daddy better polish it off because we have enough for 15 families LOL

 Hope everyone had a blessed and safe Halloween!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Diva Locks said...

aw how cute, I love the hair style too! :)

La Shauna said...

Their costumes are her hair as well

LYGBC said...

Thank you Tiffany and La Shauna :)