Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Naturally Flyy Detroit Meet Up Faces, Fro's and Funk Part 2

NATURALLY FLYY DETROIT just had their 7th meet up and  this time around we were asked to be a part of it!!! So we really didn't have much time to plan for this but because this meant so much to me and Diva R we ran around like crazy putting together our ideas and the elements needed for Diva Rs FLYY part.  Etta had messaged me asking if my Diva and some fellow biracial cuties would like to be in their mini Fashion and Hair show, for lack of better words i went NUTS with excitement! So immediately i asked Diva R what she thought about it and if she would be interested in participating.  She was stoked and excited, she really wanted to be on stage. Then i thought of Diva R's friend Diva S and asked her mommy if she would like to have her do it with Diva R. She was on board for sure so we both went out to search for the perfect outfits for them and for the perfect hairstyles for them also.

I had spoken with Etta on the phone and got the run down on what the girls will be doing and what the idea behind the show was, which for our girls being 4, the idea was for them to represent the school aged cuties by wearing clothes age appropriate being funky cute girly and school appropriate for the fall season. Their hair styles needed to be natural of course with no weave and something that would be suitable for school.

This was the first time around for Naturally Flyy to present a fashion show and due to high request this was made to happen! It was an amazing blessing for Etta to approach us with this opportunity on so many levels! This meant to me so much because there needs to be a voice out there for children's natural hair care as well as a voice that is present for the multiracial families out there who are seeking guidance or ideas as well.  This is the first time that Naturally Flyy has focused on children as being a part of their presentation and WE got to put our stamp on it and Diva R got to be there representing for ALL children being PROOF that any and everything is possible with good will and drive and as a clear example that there is way more to having natural hair than being black/african american.  This was a chance for us to show that these natural hair meet ups are for people of any and all races and no one should feel as if they are excluded because of their make up or skin color.

This meet up showcased tons of things for people of all walks to enjoy and gain from such as tutorials for those interested, demonstrations, question and answer sessions, vendors for your shopping pleasure, topics such as hair in the work place, hair while working out, transitioning-natural topics, giveaways and much more! This is a one size fits all event and had around 400 in attendance at this 7th meet up.

We met so many amazing ladies and gentlemen and got the pleasure of meeting fellow parents of beautiful children as well.  We stayed from beginning to end and got a chance to give advice, spread awareness and touch the hearts of many people present.

So when it was time for the fashion show Diva R got nervous and wanted me to walk with her so i tried to orchestrate my friend walking with her so she would feel comfortable as the plan was for Diva R and Diva S to walk out together holding hands anyways. So the lovely Jen and Markquisha escorted our beauties out so i could take pictures and videos of the show and so Mommy A could be on stage side for their comfort. Diva S was ready to go and beyond excited! She was also looking forward to this just as much as Diva R they were seriously counting down the hours to this event and it was the topic of conversation in both of our household from the very moment we were approached until the very second it was their turn <3 So as Etta announced the girls Diva R's nervousness started to subside as everyone began clapping and cheering the girls on they BOTH ROCKED THE STAGE with such style and grace! They all were definitely the cutest kids ever and they just ate up the love that they received from everyone around them! They loved it so much they sure didn't want it to end! Diva R wanted to go do it again <3

So we had to wait until all the ladies had went and then Etta called everyone back up on stage for questions and answer sessions with all the models. I must say each and every lady and little one that rocked the stage was nothing short of gorgeous, amazing, inspiring and outright striking! This fashion show was proof that there is not a way that one can style their hair or proudly display their beautiful baldness that isn't acceptable in society, at the work place, at school and beyond! DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT!

The girls were so excited to go back on stage and were so good on stage while patiently waiting for all the ladies to speak and for people to ask questions. This was the part i gained so much insight on as it feels great to be able to put myself around such an amazing group of empowering proud women who've overcome stereotypes, haters and are still standing strong beyond societies evil swords.

THEN Etta asked for us parents to come and say a few words about our children their styles, products we use and what ever other tid bits we want to add. I so was not prepared for this EEK! I was so nervous but at the same time i jumped up without hesitation and knew this was our time to shine! I felt at home immediately and it became my time to shine. I had so much to say and if i would have been prepared i would have said much more! I have a tendency to go off in all types of other areas LOL So i just asked God to take over and i just spoke straight from my heart and would have spoke all night if i could have :) I really loved how we were so embraced and people were so interested in what i had to say and how i take care of my Diva and what our regime was and just the all out praise we received was beyond words.

 (my silly face LOL) I'm waiting for more pics to pop up that i can snag...

Diva R was so thrilled that i was asked to come on stage and she was seriously all smiles at this point and was saying things as i was talking <3 She is seriously in love with everything about herself in a healthy way and this is why i feel we are great examples for others to gain from. If you will check out the below video you will see a bit of the fashion show and what i had to say!!!! The video begins at 3:35 with my Diva and her bestie ROCKIN IT!  I begin talking at 7:58 after this thoughtful and very sweet caption that Nekia Morris-Cutright added in the video that i am going to show you, she is the FAB recorder behind the video that captured our on stage moments!...

I also took a few videos but of course i couldn't video tape myself talking on stage so here are some shots that i took while watching.  It was dark at the Village so video capturing was difficult but i was still able to get some keepsake memories for us.

 They got figgity at a point LOL Cant blame em they did so good and stood for a long time...

Here are some random shots :)

I have been asked where we got our girls outfits and accessories from and here are the answers :)

My Diva R's outfit came from Gymboree it is part of the Pugs and Kisses line and Diva S's outfit came from Crazy 8 being from the Owl collection...

I had chosen a simple yet cute and girly style for my Diva and this style i got inspiration from the ever so famous Toni from Keyative Styles. The hairspiration style was re-made from one of her hairstyles that she did on her sweet daughter Key <3. To check out the exact style that inspired us by Toni (where we seen it first) click here.

It took all of about 20 minutes to create two front diagonal cornrows and pig tail curl puffs as i called them. Stay tuned for further detail on her finished style &lt;3

We had such an amazing time and afterwards i sat down with my sweet girl and asked her if she liked the hair/fashion show and for her to tell me about how she felt and what she liked and what were her favorite parts of attending Naturally Flyy Detroit and she seriously had a whole list of things that she loved and favorite parts. She remembered specific parts of the event and loved every element of the event especially when everyone cheered clapped and rooted for her. She felt like she made a great impression on everyone and was really excited about doing this... Shes already talking about next time LOL I tell her i don't know when next time will be for a fashion show or hair show where she can relive the moment LOL So i see possible dance classes or something girly coming up in her future.

Thank you HUGELY to Etta you have made such a blessed experience be one that will for ever be cherished in our memories and it was such an honor being able to be a part of Naturally Flyy Detroit and being involved as a whole with the Naturally Flyy Fam. We loved the children's element that was added because from the beginning of my hearing about Naturally Flyy Detroit i was really hoping for a children's section to highlight the younger generations and varieties within all cultures as well. Words cant express how much fun the girls had from beginning to end and beyond the girls have talked about this and it meant so much and was so much fun for them to do.

No better way to love and embrace yourself as you are than being a part of a huge community of love, respect, diversity, relation and being an all out God given setting with people of every walk of life and shade of skin <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Keyative Styles said...

The girls looked soooo cute! Definitely flyy! I loved the outfits and of course the hair too! looks like you guys had a blast! :)

KeeKeeAllNatural said...

I really enjoyed reading your post. I felt your excitement as I read your experience of this awesome event. I also love the pictures. Congratulations to you and Diva R. I know this meant a lot to you and I am so very proud of your accomplishment. Keep Up The AWESOME WORK!

UntrainedHairMom said...

How cool, all the girls look so cute! Looks like Diva R had a great time!

KGilbert said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. Sounds like you guys had a great time and made a lot of connections.

LYGBC said...

This was an outstanding experience to say the least and im so glad that something like this has been created! Thank you all for your compliments it was nothing short of extraordinary! <3