Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Announcing Our 7th Annual Hair Show Featuring Curly Girl Braids And More

Welcome to our Annual Hair Show where we show case our feature participants! Introducing Brittany and her two beautiful daughters Brea and Me'ana...

Please introduce yourself and your lovely Diva daughters... Do they have any special hobbies, interests or participate in any activities that they are partial to? Anything they dislike?

Hi my name is Brittany, I am a stay at home mom to 2 wonderful daughters, Brea and Me'ana. Brea is 4 years old and she is in preschool. She loves to paint and color. She also loves to do her dolls hair. Me'ana loves to write the letter M and she loves to play in lotion and make up and she loves to play babies.They both love riding bikes and jumping on the trampoline and to swing too.
How long have you been styling the girls hair?

I have been doing Brea's hair since she was 6 months old. (she has always had alot of hair). I have been doing Me'ana's hair since she was about 18 months old. She was born with alot of hair then it started shedding.

Do you have a specific hair regime which you follow for your daughter's? Do you have one for yourself? Please detail.

I wash Brea's and Me'ana's scalp every other day with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner. I leave the conditioner on about 10 Min's. Then wash it out. After i towel dry their hair i use some wonderful products from Nina Rae, she makes her own products. I use her hair butter on their scalp and hair and then i seal in the moisture with Nina Rae's hair oil.
What are some of your favorite products, hair tools, accessories and other pertinent hair items?

So far my favorite products are Nina Rae's hair butter and hair oil. I also like the curly set from Frizzoff. I am currently using that kit, I received to review. I love beads and pony balls. I also love the bows i make for my girls too.

Are there any products in your product hall of shame? Any that you do not recommend? 
Please detail.
I do not recommend you to use gorilla monkey snot gel. It is really hard to wash out. I tried it on Me'ana when Brea cut off almost all of her hair and it took me like 4 times to wash her hair to finally get it all out and it made her hair really stiff too.

Looking back to the beginning of your daughters' hair journeys what can you say that you've learned that helped/inspired you to achieve the level that you’re at now with what you do/use and how you do/use it to properly care for their hair?

In the beginning I didn't know about having to moisturize Brea's hair and I use to wash her hair everyday with what ever I had. Thank god i have a great neighbor that helped me and told me why Brea's hair kept breaking off. She told me i was washing it too much and not using the right kind of products and she also told me to oil the rubber bands and the ends of Brea's hair before i applied beads and rubber bands. This helps alot. I am thankful that i learned this before i had the chance to mess up Me'ana's hair too.

Is there any styling method or technique that you have yet to master? Anything you are practicing now or would like to try on the girls hair?

I cant do the spiral curl cornrows, but i can do swirls and zigzag one's and also the heart and the half circle one's. I am going to keep practicing eventually i will get it.

Have you came across any road blocks along the way? If so how did you overcome them?

Yes i have come across a horrible road block, when Brea decided to play hair stylist and cut off almost all of Me'ana's beautiful curls. I over came that by finding new hairstyles to hide the bald spots, as in the top of the picture of Me'ana's hair you can see that there is the short hair that wont go into the pony tail. It isn't that noticeable unless you look closely.

What is your definition of natural hair? Where do you base it from?

My definition of natural hair is no hair dye and no perms. It is fine to add extensions.

What are your favorite styles to create?  What are some of your daughters' favorites? How long do you usually spend doing hair each time?

I love micro braids on Brea. It is so versatile you can do many things with them. They usually take me about 4 hours to do. I love to do Me'ana's hair in a pony connecting mohawk. Brea's favorite hair style is anything with beads. She loves to shake em. Me'ana loves a big bow in her hair she says i am oh so beautiful.

How do they feel about her hair? What are some things that YOU feel are important for them to know as they build their own thoughts and feelings about their hair?

Brea's loves her wavy hair and she already likes to help me try to fix it. Me'ana

Please describe hair time with your girls... Does they like to help? What do you allow them to do if so? What are some of their favorite activities to do while sitting?

Yes i let them help. I let them pick the beads or pony and clip colors for there own hair. Brea will hand me Me'ana's hair clips and pony's or she will put the beads on the beader and Me'ana will do the same for Brea too. They both love to watch the Disney channel while getting their hair done.

Any suggestions for making hair time an easier or smoother experience for others with children?

Sometimes when Brea is cranky and tired i let her go to sleep on a blanket and pillow on the floor then i put her in my lap and do her hair while she is sleeping. Brea is a hard sleeper.

By asking each of your daughters what they like most about their hair what do they say? What are their individual reasonings?

Brea says I love my long hair and she wants it as long as mine. Me'ana says she loves the color and her curls too.

Please share some things about yourself that aren’t mentioned above, likes/dislikes, hobbies, interests, fun facts, what sparked your interest in caring for and styling your daughters' hair… ETC

I love sharing my hair care and styles on my blog. I have always liked doing hair. I went to school for doing hair in Chicago but didn't finish. I love to cook and bake with my girls also. I also make my girls bows. I always like to make sure my daughters look beautiful first and then if I have time I do my own hair and make up. If I don't have time I just put my hair in a flipped up pony tail and apply lip gloss and go.

Rep your blog and social networks! Where can people see more of your amazing and cute styles?

I am including links to my Facebook page, my blog and my twitter too for you all to see more of my hair styles and products reviews and giveaways.

Thank you Brittany for participating in our Annual Hair Show! Your girls are adorable and we enjoyed seeing the girls hair styles and getting to know more about you and tid bits from parts of your girls hair journeys and beyond. Your blog is really progressing and its great to see all the new styles you post and whats a great element about it for us is that my daughter has nearly the same hair texture as your girls and when i see styles of all varieties on fellow little hair Diva's that i know i could pull off on my Divas hair type it inspires me to experiment <3  I love to accessorize my daughters hair also she loves beads and Sidewinders the most and lately her fav has been hair bows with her natural curls freely hanging. Thank you for sharing your tips and advice as well! God Bless.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Goldilocks*n*Me said...

Great feature :) very creative way to style an unfortunate haircut! Last year my daughter git her hair stuck in the underside of a zhu zhu pet toy. We had to cut it out right at the scalp. Poor girl had an alfalfa sprout in the middle of her had for months until it grew long enough to lay down...

LYGBC said...

@Tavia- Oh NO those Zhu Zhu pets worried me as it was because of those wheels and now i have a good reason to keep my eye on them, sorry to hear that happened. Luckily her hair is so healthy and well taken care of and it seems to grow so fast i bet it was fine in no time. :D Those evil Zhu Zhu pets...